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Most Often Asked Daisy Leader Questions (With Answers)

As adults, we oftentimes forget that learning something new can be a challenge. We are so used to doing things and being successful right away, that we forget the learning curve that comes with each new skill set we acquire.

Leading a group of Daisy Girl Scout is probably a very new experience for everyone reading this blog post. You have questions-lots of them. 

Here are some of the most common questions I have seen over the years. You can always check with your Service Unit Manager for your local answers if you feel they may differ from these.

Freqently asked questions and answers for brand new Daisy leaders.

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1. Do you have to earn the petals in any special order?

No, you do not. You should start with the Blue Promise Center simply because all of the petals go around it.

2. Can you earn more than one Daisy petal at a meeting?

While every petal deserves a meeting of it's own, there are times when you need to overlap the activities to earn your petals and finish the Daisy. This is true if you are starting as a second year Daisy leader or if you have had meetings cancelled due to inclement weather-which happens to me at least once a year.

There are no Girl Scout police that will rip petals off of a child's tunic or vest if you do this on occasion. Feel free to go ahead and do what works best for your girls and your timetable.

3. Do I have to do a Journey?

Plain and simple, no you do not. In fact, Journeys are not required for anything until the girls' Junior year AND if they want to earn the Bronze Award. If the girls do not want to earn higher level awards, then your troop never needs to do a Journey as they get older. It is a choice, and one that is far in your troop's future.

My troop only did a Journey as 5th grade Juniors so we could earn the Bronze Award. Presently, we are slowly doing the aMaze Journey for those who want to earn the Silver Award.

4. We earned all the petals our first year. What do we do for the second if we do not want to do a Journey?

There are so many activities that your troop can do. There are Girl Scout holidays like Founder's Day, World Thinking Day and Girl Scout Week to dive into. There are community service projects you can work on and you can go on field trips. There are Council events for you to participate in, so check your Council's website.

Of course, selling Girl Scout cookies will keep you busy as well! Meetings to bling your booth and teach the girls about what to do while selling and how to speak to people are meeting ideas for mid-year.

It also does not hurt to redo a petal activity using a different lesson, especially the one about being a sister to every Girl Scout. Stamp out cliques and cattiness from the beginning.

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5. Do Daisy Scouts have to sell cookies or participate in the QSP Magazine/Nut fundraiser?

Again, the answer is no. Fundraisers are optional activities. Most first year Daisy leaders are just getting started in late fall, after nut sales and right before cookies. How can you make little girls sell cookies and they have no clue what being a Girl Scout is all about?

You are also new and learning the ropes. Cookie selling is stressful, even for experienced leaders. Learn how to be a good leader first. Get a year with your troop under your belt. Collect dues from the girls and visit Pinterest for easy and inexpensive craft ideas.

6. Can I meet with my troop alone? I have no co-leader.

No! You are setting yourself up for a potential lawsuit. No co-leader means no troop meetings.

7. Who buys petals if they get lost?

If a child or parent loses a Daisy petal, then it is their responsibility to replace it. You are volunteering your time to run meetings, you are not a personal shopper. Parents can go on eBay to buy a replacement or to the Girl Scout store.

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