Thursday, November 30, 2017

Daisy Girl Scout Troop Gift Idea Mouse Scouts

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If you are a troop leader in need of a gift for your troop, here is another great idea that does not cost a lot when the price is split with your co-leader. It is a book from the series Mouse Scouts.

Written by Sarah Dillard, these books share the adventures of a Mouse Scout troop as they earn badges and learn lessons.  Here are the titles in the series.

This Mouse Scout book will make a great gift for your Daisy Scouts

Mouse Scouts is a book series that is perfect for Daisy Girl Scouts and makes a great gift

Mouse Scouts is a great series of books for Daisy Scouts and leaders can give this as a gift for the holiday season

Friday, November 17, 2017

Personalized Gifts for Girl Scouts

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Updated October 2019

As a Daisy leader, what you do your first year will set a precedent for the rest of your years in leadership. Once you do something, it is hard to undo it without a ripple effect.

One of those things you need to decide whether or not you and your co-leader are going to do is give a holiday gift to your troop. If you decide that you will, then discuss your budget together so you are both on the same page. 

You should consider a non-denominational gift that the girls can all use and appreciate. Giving a child who does not celebrate Christmas an ornament is not appropriate.

So what kinds of gifts can you give your Daisy troop that will not break the bank and that everyone will enjoy receiving?

Personalized gifts for your Girl Scout troop that are easy on your time and budget

You can give the girls in your troop an inexpensive personalized gift that will be fun for them to have.

In my recent blog post on my main Girl Scout blog, I have posted a selection of gifts that young girls would love to have. You can read it here.

Need more personalized gifts for Girl Scouts? Here is a big selection for you to peruse.