Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Ultimate Daisy to Brownie Bridging Resource Guide for Leaders 2019 Edition

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Spring is here! For second year Daisy leaders, it is time to start planning your bridging ceremony.

Stop. Take a breath. You've got this.

By planning ahead and using the KISS strategy (Keep It Simple, Sister), your ceremony will be both memorable and stress free for you (okay, limited stress because you are not going to overthink this).

Before I provide you with a list of resources, I want you to remember one thing.

The girls are easy to please. They are six and seven years old. This is not a wedding, Bat Mitzvah, 50th anniversary party, or college graduation party. You are not going to drive yourself crazy on Pinterest and spend hours planning the perfect event. Your Daisy to Brownie bridging ceremony will be about 10 minutes long, no more than 15 minutes tops. Your audience (aka, parents and siblings) will appreciate the shorter ceremony and the girls will be so happy about the celebration that they will want to party on as well.

The Ultimate Daisy to Brownie Bridging Resource Guide for Leaders 2019 Edition

Image from Pixabay and altered by the author in Canva

Daisy to Brownie Resources for Leaders

Here are some useful links.

I originally wrote this blog post in 2017 and recently updated it. In simple fashion, this blog post tells you how to create your own bridging ceremony and the details that go along with planning.

There are two steps that Daisy Scouts need to do before bridging to Brownies. Both steps are fairly easy to complete. Start reaching out to sister troops now so you can fulfill these requirements.

This one is a bit long, but you can condense it to make it work for your troop.

Scroll to page 15 to find the Daisy to Brownie guide. 

This post has been updated and all links are viable as of March 2019. Make sure to print one copy and then take it to Staples or Office Max to run off. Save your receipt to get reimbursed. There is no sense using up all of your own ink!

It is nice to give a little gift to your girls. I gave mine a box of Brownie Mix. This label did not exist then, but if it did, I would have used it!

You can also go onto YouTube and see what others have done so you can be inspired. Remember to look at how long each video is...then reassure yourself that you've got this!

Girl Scout Bridging Decorating Ideas

I am a big believer in the adage "less is more". You do not have to go crazy with the rainbow theme. A few select pieces are all you will need to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Here are some wonderful rainbow party goods for you to have. Pick which ones work for your troop! All of the following come from Shindigz, where there is ALWAYS a coupon code for even more savings!

Rainbow Mylar Balloon for your Girl Scout Bridging party

Rainbow Table Covers for your Girl Scout Bridging party

Rainbow Birthday Dinner Plates

You can also buy a solid color paper plate and use rainbow napkins to accent the color you have chosen.

Girl Scout Bridging Food Ideas

As the leader, you have invested a lot of time and energy into your troop. This is the one time you need to take it easy on yourself. Bridging is an important Girl Scout is not a reason to lie awake at night planning.

This tool did not exist when I started as a leader, but I use it now for all of my volunteer activities at my synagogue. Sign-Up Genius is a great tool for organizing events like this one. Create a Signup and assign yourself paper goods. Food should be easy and not require a lot of fuss.

Ask parents to sign up for:

Pony waters
Juice boxes
Cut up vegetables
Chips and Dip

Girl Scout Bridging Cake

Photo by Hannah Gold

As you can see from the picture, taken seven years ago when my troop bridged from Brownies to Juniors, the cake I baked was no-fuss, pre-Pinterest easy to implement idea. And guess what? While it might not be the prettiest cake you have ever seen, it was eaten up by all of the girls! 

You can easily bake cupcakes and use rainbow themed wrappers. You can even personalize them for your troop for this auspicious occasion!

Your Daisy to Brownie Girl Scout bridging ceremony should be fun, memorable, and as little stress on you as a leader as possible. I hope these tips will work for you.

What are you planning on doing for your Daisy to Brownie Girl Scout bridging ceremony?