Thursday, July 5, 2018

10 Craft Items Daisy Leaders Should Have

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Updated October 2019

If you are a new troop leader or a seasoned one starting a new Girl Scout Daisy troop, there are certain essential items that you should have on hand.  These materials should stay in your leader bag or your your separate craft bag. While there are some leaders, like my older daughter's, who insisted that every girl in her troop have her own craft supply box, I did not. It was one more thing to remind the parents to get each year and to remember to bring in their Responsibility Bag.

10 Must Have Craft Items That Every Girl Scout Leader Needs

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The best and most cost effective thing for leaders to do is purchase craft items during the summer Back to School season. Save your receipts to get matter how inexpensive these items are, you should not have to spend your own money to finance troop activities. While once in awhile I did spend a buck or two at the Dollar Store for a last minute item and did not ask for my money back, I did not lay out big money. Volunteering my time was my most valuable asset.

Here are some great items to have. Buy several now when they are at their lowest prices of the year!

Thick Washable Markers

As a mom, a teacher and a leader, I know first hand the importance of washable markers when working with young children. It gets everywhere!

Craft Items Daisy Leaders Must Have-Washable Markers

This box of Crayola Markers is an incredible deal. For one low price, you get a variety of shades that every girl can use. One box is perfect for a troop.

Thin Washable Markers

Yes, there is a difference between thick and thin markers. It is hard to outline and get into smaller places with a thick marker. This set of 100 washable markers is perfect for troops.

Craft Items Every Girl Scout Leader Needs-Thin Washable Markers

Elmer's Glue Sticks

Over my three decades plus of teaching, I have come to one conclusion-my glue needs to be Elmer's. I have tried other brands, and in my opinion, nothing compares to this classic from my childhood.

Glue sticks are a must have item for Girl Scout leaders

By far, this 30 pack is the best price. There is free shipping, so you have nothing extra to pay!

Elmer's Washable Glue

Sometimes liquid glue in a bottle is the better choice. Again, I go with the classic Elmer's Washable Glue in a bottle.

Washable glue is a must have craft item for Girl Scout leaders

Colored Pencils

Coloring is calming and long as you let the girls use the colors of their choice. I am not a fan of dictating what color to use-let the girls make the sun purple if they choose!

Walmart has many different options in their colored pencil department. 

Girl Scout leaders need colored pencils for many different kinds of crafts.

Glitter Watercolor Paint Set

Why glitter paint? First of all, you should not use glitter with young children, as it gets everywhere! My school has a policy that we cannot use glitter for that reason. However, glitter paint is contained glitter.

Besides, every person needs a bit of glitter in her life!

Construction Paper

Paper is a must have item, with 8 x 11 being the classic size.

Girl Scout leaders need construction paper for many different crafts


Another must have item that is at its best price now are kid scissors. What kind should you buy? My preference for kindergarten and first grade are blunt scissors. The girls can use pointy ones once they reach second grade.

Girl Scout leaders need scissors for their troop crafts

Pink Erasers

Whether you are writing or crafting, having a few large pink erasers on hand for the girls to use is essential.

Girl Scout leaders should have some erasers on hand for craft projects.


There are so many gorgeous stickers to use for projects!  My favorite for Daisy Scouts are these glitter foam stickers.

These glitter foam stickers are perfect for Girl Scout Daisy crafts

Do you have anything that you need to have in your leader craft bag?