Saturday, May 18, 2019

Gift Ideas for Your Girl Scout Daisy

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Whether it is for Girl Scout bridging, birthday, Hanukkah, Christmas, or a reward she has been working on, the best gifts for Girl Scouts will have Daisies jumping up and down with delight. These young girls, who are between the ages of five and seven, are really into Girl Scouting because it makes them feel like a "big girl". They will love any kind of item that relates to scouting.  Their enthusiasm for being a part of this movement is absolutely infectious!

Below are some suggestions for gifts for Girl Scout Daisies that will be a hit with them, no matter what the gift giving occasion is!

Gift Ideas for Girl Scout Daisy Scouts

Image from Pixabay and altered by the author in Canva

Daisy Girl Scout 18 Inch Dolls and Clothes

Little girls love to play with their dolls. Now they can play "Daisy meeting" and have their dolls earn Daisy petals when they dress them up in their own Girl Scout uniform! There are different dolls that you can buy that already come dressed in their Daisy uniform. If your Daisy Scout already owns an 18 inch doll, there are clothing and accessories to dress her just like her "mommy"!

Set of 3 Girl Scout doll uniforms

You can wrap any or all of her Girl Scout gifts in Daisy colors, blue and white!

Girl Scout Build a Bear

This year Build a Bear came out with a new line of Girl Scout items. Thin Mints Bear is the latest in this favorite collection.

Thin Mints® Cookie Bear Daisy Doodle Gift Set

In addition to the bear, there are clothes and accessories to go along with it. You can find the complete Build A Bear Girl Scout collection here.

Girl Scout Daisy Themed Jewelry

Many young girls love to wear jewelry, but they are not mature enough to be responsible for an expensive item. Here are some daisy themed pieces that are both beautiful and budget friendly.

Gift Ideas for Girl Scout Daisy Scouts 

Also available in earrings and in silvertone as well

Is your daughter and/or troop bridging? Here is a beautiful necklace set.