Sunday, July 15, 2018

Amazon Prime and Girl Scout Leaders Are a Winning and Time Saving Combination!

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For those of you who want to find some fantastic bargains for your home, your family and for your troop, Amazon Prime Day is almost here! For Prime members it begins tonight at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PST. I am looking forward to it because my twins are entering their sophomore year high school in the fall and I can check off some of their school supply items right from home and before they are sold out in stores. With my daughter taking art classes, there are special supplies that are not sold in the craft stores that I frequent. I have found them on Amazon with better prices that other sites.

The Benefits of Joining Amazon Prime

Like many people, I was reluctant to buy any kind of membership for anything. What if I don't use it? Will I be wasting my money? Then my life got incredibly hectic in January 2017-more than the usual busy for me. Between a family crisis and working six days a week, time to shop for necessities was short. I did not have time to run to stores to get what I needed, especially one hard to find niche item.  My go-to store for it was out. I finally decided to try the Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and buy what I needed without paying for shipping. I left a sticky note by my computer to cancel the subscription after 30 days if I was not happy with it. That did not happen...I was thrilled with it...and so was 
my husband!


First, we both were able to buy whatever we needed without going into the cold, dark winter nights after a long day of work. With Amazon Prime, I get what I need in two days-no last minute running around to different stores and trying to squeeze it into my already packed schedule. When I needed to send something to my daughter in college, I could just point, click and ship. If you are like me, you do not like to pay for shipping. There was no need to try to find things to get to the free shipping is always free shipping with Amazon Prime (unless otherwise noted in the item description). We were able to stream movies for free as part of our membership-again, no more going out to get a DVD from Redbox. Prime Video will pay for itself with its vast array of television programs and movies for families.

We are now 18 months into our Amazon Prime membership and we are hooked.  Free shipping on my everyday needed items is a must have with my schedule. My younger daughter is now a vegan, and getting to Whole Foods for her stash of protein bars is not always feasible. I can purchase her favorites and in under two minutes have our one month supply delivered within two days. Our Intex pool need some help after a harsh winter and the pool cover did not protect it as it should have. A new filter was delivered in two days without traveling to several pool stores to find the exact one that was needed.

How Amazon Prime is Helpful to Girl Scout Leaders

You are busy...whether you work for pay or work in your home parenting and volunteering. Those hard to find supplies are just a click away. There is also a wider selection of things online than in a store. While I am the first to admit my favorite place to visit is one of the many craft stores in my area, there are times when I just cannot get there. But in a few minutes of online browsing, I can buy what I want and I will have it in two days. No getting the kids into the car, no going out in bad weather, no getting to the store to find out what you want is all gone. Budget-wise, it costs $12.99 a month for an Amazon Prime membership. For most people, that is a doable amount. Think of how much gas you use driving around getting things ready for your meeting! Overall, I am very happy that I finally took the plunge this winter and got my Amazon Prime membership.

  Try any or all of these Amazon Prime Day offers today!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

10 Craft Items Daisy Leaders Should Have

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If you are a new troop leader or a seasoned one starting a new Girl Scout Daisy troop, there are certain essential items that you should have on hand.  These materials should stay in your leader bag or your your separate craft bag. While there are some leaders, like my older daughter's, who insisted that every girl in her troop have her own craft supply box, I did not. It was one more thing to remind the parents to get each year and to remember to bring in their Responsibility Bag.

10 Must Have Craft Items That Every Girl Scout Leader Needs

Photo from Pixabay and edited by the author in Canva

The best and most cost effective thing for leaders to do is purchase craft items during the summer Back to School season. Save your receipts to get matter how inexpensive these items are, you should not have to spend your own money to finance troop activities. While once in a while I did spend a buck or two at the Dollar Store for a last minute item and did not ask for my money back, I did not lay out big money. Volunteering my time was my most valuable asset.

Here are some great items to have. Buy several now when they are at their lowest prices of the year!

Thick Washable Markers

As a mom, a teacher and a leader, I know first hand the importance of washable markers when working with young children. It gets everywhere!

Craft Items Daisy Leaders Must Have-Washable Markers

This box of Crayola Markers is an incredible deal. For one low price, you get a variety of shades that every girl can use. One box is perfect for a troop.

Thin Washable Markers

Yes, there is a difference between thick and thin markers. It is hard to outline and get into smaller places with a thick marker. This set of 100 washable markers is perfect for troops.

Craft Items Every Girl Scout Leader Needs-Thin Washable Markers

Elmer's Glue Sticks

Over my three decades plus of teaching, I have come to one conclusion-my glue needs to be Elmer's. I have tried other brands, and in my opinion, nothing compares to this classic brand.

Glue sticks are a must have item for Girl Scout leaders

By far, this 30 pack is the best price. There is free shipping, so you have nothing extra to pay!

Elmer's Washable Glue

Sometimes liquid glue in a bottle is the better choice. Again, I go with the classic Elmer's Washable Glue in a bottle.

Washable glue is a must have craft item for Girl Scout leaders

Colored Pencils

Coloring is calming and long as you let the girls use the colors of their choice. I am not a fan of dictating what color to use-let the girls make the sun purple if they choose!

Walmart has many different options in their colored pencil department. 

Girl Scout leaders need colored pencils for many different kinds of crafts.

Glitter Watercolor Paint Set

Why glitter paint? First of all, you should not use glitter with young children, as it gets everywhere! My school has a policy that we cannot use glitter for that reason. However, glitter paint is contained glitter.

Besides, every person needs a bit of glitter in her life!

Construction Paper

Paper is a must have item, with 8 x 11 being the classic size.

Girl Scout leaders need construction paper for many different crafts


Another must have item that is at its best price now are kid scissors. What kind should you buy? My preference for kindergarten and first grade are blunt scissors. The girls can use pointy ones once they reach second grade.

Girl Scout leaders need scissors for their troop crafts

Pink Erasers

Whether you are writing or crafting, having a few large pink erasers on hand for the girls to use is essential.

Girl Scout leaders should have some erasers on hand for craft projects.


There are so many gorgeous stickers to use for projects!  My favorite for Daisy Scouts are these glitter foam stickers.

These glitter foam stickers are perfect for Girl Scout Daisy crafts

Do you have anything that you need to have in your leader craft bag?

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fun Idea for Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden Journey

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If you are going to be doing the Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden Journey, then Current Catalog has a great item for you!

Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden Journey Project

This L'il Sprout Fairy Garden kit has everything you need to start you flower garden and then transplant them later. This made in the USA kit includes:

  • 6 piece egg carton
  • soil wafer
  • seeds (lavender, white clover and pink evening primrose)

Even if you decide to purchase ready made plants, this kit will give your girls a real hands-on experience with gardening.

Current also has many wonderful items on sale right now for you to purchase that are up to 75% off! There are birthday stickers for Founder's Day scrapbooking or to decorate Birthday in a Bag projects.

There are BOGO sales on gift items! You can put away little gifts for special helpers like these Coaster Note Pads-You get 6 for the price of 3!

There are many wonderful things for you to purchase! When you sign up to be on their email list you will receive an additional 15% off your first order!

Current Catalog Offer

Saturday, June 16, 2018

3 Summer Meeting Ideas for Girl Scout Daisies

I have been a teacher since 1987. In my younger days, July and August were a time for me to do temp work and tutor children. When our children arrived, these two months were for us to hang out and play.

Easy Girl Scout Leader Summer Meeting Ideas

Photo from Pixabay and edited by the author in Canva

After decades as an educator, as soon as the calendar changes to June, my mind and body begin to unwind. While I am very busy with my synagogue volunteer work and my family obligations, summer meetings were something that, until last summer, I did not do.

When my troop was younger, I needed a break (you can read about the pros and cons of summer meetings in this blog post). With only three Girl Scout Seniors left in my troop, and all with busy high school schedules, summer meetings are a time for us to catch up, go on field trips, and do a required Journey for the Gold Award. Meetings over the school year are tough to schedule.

For leaders of younger scouts, you do not need to have a meeting if you do not want to. If you do meet, here is a blog post with three fun ideas for a summer Girl Scout meeting.

Need some more ideas? Here are a few.

Go Fruit Picking

Summer Girl Scout Meeting Ideas-Pick Your Own Fruit

Photo from Pixabay

If you live near a farm that has a Pick Your Own fruit, you can schedule that for one morning of fun (it's cooler in the early hours of the day).

Pizza Party

Summer Girl Scout Meeting Ideas-Pizza Party

Photo from Pixabay

Invite the girls over to your house for a pizza party! You can buy premade dough or pie crusts and the girls can make their own pizzas with the toppings you provide. Place each on foil with the child's name in Sharpie so that the girls get their own pizza creation.

Did you know that you could put pizza on the grill? Place the pies on foil pans and put on the grill. DELICIOUS and no need to heat your oven!

Or you can have the girls make solar ovens and then cook their pizza! There are many ways to do this...just search and find which method would work best for you.

In your backyard, play some games and just enjoy being together. No agenda necessary!

No Bake Party

There are tons of delicious no bake recipes for kids. The girls can have a good time learning basic kitchen skills and eating what they have made.

You can have them decorate chef hats or aprons as a craft.

What will your troop be doing this summer?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Bridging from Girl Scout Daisies to Girl Scout Brownies Guide

It's closing in on the end of April and you are getting ready for your Daisies to bridge to Brownies. I am sure you are both excited and nervous about this Girl Scout milestone, but I am here to tell you to relax! These are girls going into second grade...the ceremony should be short, cute and stress free for all involved.

The Bridging from Girl Scout Daisies to Girl Scout Brownies Guide for busy leaders

Photo by Hannah Gold and Image Created on Canva

In this blog post, my ultimate planning guide for your bridging ceremony, I have it all laid out for your step-by-step. I have been there and done that, so it is my goal to help you not stress about anything at all. Everything from who buys the Brownie uniform to what food to serve is discussed.

One thing I would like to know is that it whatever you decide to do, it does not have to be Pinterest pretty. The hours some leaders spend making things pretty is better spent on other activities. My co-leader and I spent about an hour painting these flower pots for our bridge.

quick, simple, and easy Girl Scout bridge for leaders to make

Photos by Hannah Gold

quick, simple, and easy Girl Scout bridge for leaders to make

Here is my rule for doing anything-KISS Keep It Simple Sister. You volunteer your time, your heart and your energy for the important things like meetings. Bridging is important, but it is not a wedding. People are going to remember the joy of the occasion, not the perfectly presented badges.

On my Scout Leader blog, you can read about bridging here and get some more ideas.

Keep the bridging decorations simple, and ask parents to bring items you need. 

Don't forget to breathe and enjoy this occasion!