Sunday, May 30, 2021

30 Fun Ideas for an Olympic Themed Daisy Meeting

This summer we will finally have a return to normalcy. Included in this return are the summer Olympics that will be hosted in Tokyo, Japan. Delayed due to the pandemic, these athletes have had to train longer and harder that their counterparts from previous years.

Whether you are winding down for the summer or have plans for outdoor gatherings, I wrote a post on my main Girl Scout blog that can help you celebrate the summer games.

30 Girl Scout Olympics Meeting Ideas

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Come on over and read "30 Fun Ideas for an Olympic Themed Girl Scout Meeting". You will find 30 ideas-outdoor games, snacks and more-related to the Olympics.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Where to Find Adorable First Year Daisy Certificates

It is the end of scouting season for many Girl Scout Daisy leaders. For those who are completing year one, here is a first year Daisy certificate that you can hand out at your end of the year celebration.

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Congratulations on completing your first year as a Daisy leader! And what a time to start your leadership role-during a world-wide pandemic!

You made it and so did your troop. While some of you are deciding to meet over the summer, I chose not to do that. I carried the load by myself all year, and my teacher brain and school calendar dictated that summer time is my time to rejuvinate. The only time my troop ever met in the summer was when they were Girl Scout Seniors who needed to complete a journey.

This is a non-bridging year for your troop. If you are planning a last Court of Awards or a simple fun last meeting of the year (that is what I did-a field trip or an easy craft and food), you can give your girls a certificate that shows they complete their first year of Girl Scout Daisies.

Where to FInd Adorable First Year Daisy Certificates

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The certificate can be put in their Girl Scout scrapbook or hung in their room.

Please be sure to check it out and rate it. You get points that convert into cash when you buy products and rate them.

Are you having an end of the year celebration?

Friday, April 16, 2021

7 Places to Find Free Printable Girl Scout Daisy Bridging Certificates

It's that time of year when your Girl Scout Daisy troop is soon going to bridge to Girl Scout Brownies! It is an exciting time for all of you. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, here are seven places where you can find free printable Girl Scout Bridging Certificates.

For those of you who are starting to plan your Girl Scout Daisy Bridging Ceremony, you may be considering giving the girls something as they cross over the "bridge". Many leaders like to give girls some kind of certificate, which makes the event look so much more grown up and official. 

7 Cute and Free Printable Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie Bridging Certificates

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There are several free online Girl Scout bridging certificates that you can pring. If you do not want to use your own ink, print one original and take it to your local Staples or Office Max to print. Save the receipt so you can be reimbursed.

You can find free printable Girl Scout bridging certificates at these websites:

Free Printable Certificates

Service Unit 701 Files

Girl Scout Printables

Mighty Girls Rock (must join her Facebook group to print)

My Fashionable Designs

Girl Scouts Carolina Peaks to Piedmont (you can prit one, white out or cover their council name, and just leave "Girl Scouts" on your certificate.)

Teachers Pay Teachers

Are you planning on giving out free printable Girl Scout bridging certificates to your troop?

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

How to Earn Rosie, the Rose Daisy Petal, Make the World a Better Place While Being Socially Distant

Troops are once again able to meet in person. Here is how to earn Rosie, the Rose Daisy petal, while being socially distant and celebrate Earth Day and spring.

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It has been quite a year. Zoom fatigued set in long ago, and Daisy leaders, in my opinion, have been hit the hardest. As a first grade teacher myself, I know firsthand the difficulties of maintaining a young child's attention over a computer screen. Preparing for activities takes longer and you wonder if you are making a difference and what is "sticking". From my 34 years as an educator, I know that this has been the most challenging year in my decades in the classroom.

How to Earn the Rose Daisy Petal Outdoors

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I was so excited to go back to school and be with my kids in person! Daisy leaders, many Councils are now permitting socially distant troop meeting and I know that you are excited to go back to being with your girls.

Here is a socially distant meeting plan for earning Rosie, the Rose Daisy petal, make the world a better place.

How to Earn the Rose Daisy Petal and Remain Socially Distant

One of the best ways for the girls to stay dry and not be on top of one another is to have them sit on a plastic table cover 6 feet apart. You can reuse this by writing the name of each girl in Sharpie. This way you are using resources wisely and saving precious troop funds.

This pack of table covers is easy on your troop bank account and comes in a 12 pack. It costs the same as The Dollar Store.

How to Earn the Rose Daisy Petal Socially Distant 

Materials for Earning the Rose Daisy Petal 

Miss Rumphius Book (one of my all time favorites)

Miss Rumphius to Earn the Rose Daisy Petal

Seed Ball Matrix

This makes over 100 1/2 inch seed balls. You can make larger ones. 

Make Seed Bombs to Earn the Rose Daisy Petal

Seed Ball Clay Powder

Earn the Rose Daisy Petal by making seed balls

Lupine Seeds

This is a package of 500 lupine seeds. Miss Rumphius would approve!

Lupine seeds to earn the Rose Daisy petal

Cellophane Bags 

The extra bags can be used for crafts or service projects for a future meeting. This is a package of 50 bags.

Earn the Rose Daisy petal by making seed balls

Disposable Gloves (for girls who may not want to touch the dirt)

This is a package of 50.

Keep hands clean with these disposable gloves for kids

Hand Sanitizing Wipes 

Dinner Size Foam Plates 


Pre-Meeting Prep Work

Make individual plastic bags of seed bomb clay and powder mixture for each girl, as they should not be sharing anything. Place seeds in a separate sandwich sized baggie. You can find an easy seed bomb recipe here.

Make kits for each girl containing a plate, plastic gloves, soil/clay mixture and seeds. Type out directions on how to use them and place in each kit.

Make a few seed balls for the girls to see. An example is best for all learners, especially visual ones.

Meeting Plan for Earning Rosie, the Rose Daisy Petal, Make the World a Better Place

After doing the Pledge of Allegiance, Girl Scout Pledge, and Girl Scout Law, ask the girls what kinds of things they can do to make the world a better place. You can be specific and ask what they can do make the EARTH a better place.

How to Earn the Rose Daisy Petal Outdoors

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Discuss the answers and then read Miss Rumphius, aka, the Lupine Lady. If you want to ask questions about the book, here is a great list to guide you. Please remember to not overdo it!

Demonstrate to each girl how to make a seed ball. 

Pass out individual kits. After the gloves are on, have the girls make seed balls and when all are made, place them in the cellophane bag and staple them shut with the planting directions.

If you have time, do some non-contact relay races or other game to get the wiggles out. Freeze dance, Simon Says (or Juliette Says), or charades are fun and easy games for your troop to play.

What are you doing to earn the Rosie, the Rose Daisy petal?

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Ultimate 2021 Guide for Bridging from Girl Scout Daisy to Girl Scout Brownie

Bridging from Daisies to Brownies is an important Girl Scout milestone. This year more than ever, it needs to be recognized in a safe and big way.

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Daisy leaders, take a bow. You not only survived learning how to lead a troop, this past year, you did it during a worldwide pandemic. Planning a Daisy to Brownie bridging ceremony is going to be a walk in the park compared to what you have been through this past year.

The 2021 Guide for Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie Bridging Ceremony

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For many of you, this is your first Girl Scout bridging ceremony to plan. Planning one during a pandemic is going to be different than one planned during normal times. There are safety guidelines that need to be met and some are Council specific. Check with your local Council for guidelines and read this Girl Scout Bridging 2021 Guide on my main Girl Scout blog to see how you can start planning with safety in mind.

A Word About Buying Uniforms

I have never been a fan of leaders buying uniforms for their troops unless the troop is in a disadvantaged socio-economic area and this is the only way for the girls to afford a uniform. Over the years I have said this many times, parents need to have skin in the game. They buy cleats and other equipment for sports and shoes and leotards for dance and cheer. Why do Girl Scout leaders feel the need for the troop to pay for uniforms?

In my troop, I had one Daisy bridge and not sign up in the fall. Her parents bought her the vest and badges, so my troop was not out of the funds. Over the years, my troop of twelve has slimmed down to two. Never have I paid for any part of a uniform during a bridging year. We would have been out the funds if the troop did pay. People do not value free.

It is also more work for you to get the correct sizes (and that means contacting and contacting and contacting some parents) so they can be ordered. While you can buy most of your Girl Scout Brownie uniform online at Boscov's, it is one more thing for you to do. 

I had my parents buy the vest/sash, flag, numerals and Council ID set. They gave it to me prior to the bridging ceremony.

Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie Bridging Ceremony Resources for Leaders

Here are some useful links to help guide plan your Daisy to Brownie Bridging ceremony.

There are two steps that Daisy Scouts need to do before bridging to Brownies. Both steps are fairly easy to complete. Start reaching out to sister troops now so you can fulfill these requirements.

Girl Scout Bridging Guide from North-Central Alabama

Here is a guide for leaders no matter where you reside.

This one is a bit long, but you can condense it to make it work for your troop.

Scroll to page 15 to find the Daisy to Brownie guide. 

Check out the images to find a poem that you want to read.

This post has been updated and all links are viable as of April 2021. Make sure to print one copy and then take it to Staples or Office Max to run off. Save your receipt to get reimbursed. There is no sense using up all of your own ink!

It is nice to give a little gift to your girls. I gave mine a box of Brownie Mix. This label did not exist then, but if it did, I would have used it!

You can also go onto YouTube and see what others have done so you can be inspired. Remember to look at how long each video is...then reassure yourself that you've got this!

Girl Scout Bridging Decorating Ideas

I am a big believer in the adage "less is more". You do not have to go crazy with the rainbow theme. A few select pieces are all you will need to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Rainbow Table Covering

One simple table covering sets the tone for you tablescape. Because we are in a pandemic, food will not be eaten. You can make pretty goody bags with rainbow goodies for each girl and place them on the table. See this blog post for ideas.

Girl Scout Bridging Table Cover

Planning this year is easier, as there is no menu to plan. Eating in large groups is not safe at this time. 

The most important part about planning the Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie bridging ceremony is the actual ceremony. Keep is short, simple and relevant. Everyone will appreciate the effort you put in.

What are you planning to do for your Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie bridging ceremony?