Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Thanksgiving Crafts and Games for In Person and Virtual Girl Scout Meetings

Here are some fresh and fun Thanksgiving crafts and games ideas that will make your Thanksgiving themed Girl Scout meeting more fun, whether you are in person or are meeting virtually.

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With the weather getting colder in most parts of the country, leaders who have been able to meet in person with their troop may now finding themselves working virtually. There is, of course, a huge difference in the way the two are conducted. It is far easier to keep the girls’ attention when you are meeting in person. With the Thanksgiving holiday season right around the corner, here are some fun things you can do to liven up your in person or virtual meetings.

Thanksgiving Crafts and Games for In Person and Virtual Girl Scout Meetings

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Before Your Meeting

Before your meeting, give the parents a RSVP date because you need to order items. No RSVP, no fun bag for the meeting. This needs to be made clear to the parents, as I have read on several Facebook posts in various Girl Scout troops that leaders are spending time and money and girls are not showing up or logging in. That depletes your time, your enthusiasm, and your troop bank account.

After you have received your RSVPs for the meeting, put all of the items you will be using in a bag and labeled for each girl. By doing it this way, the girls get what they get and there no complaining should be tolerated because it is handed out randomly. Parents can do porch pick up for the items.

Thanksgiving Sunglasses

This set includes three designs with three of each. They are made of durable cardboard. What a hoot these would be on your virtual or in person meeting!

Thanksgiving novelty glasses for in person or virtual Girl Scout meetings 

Thanksgiving novelty glasses for in person or virtual Girl Scout meetings 

Turkey Headbands

These headbands will transform your troop into a bunch of turkeys! This set comes with 12 headbands.

Turkey headbands ad a lot of fun to your Girl Scout meeting, whether you are meeting in person or virtually. 

Thanksgiving Bingo

In your bag, place 1 or 2 Bingo cards for each girl. You can add candy corn for markers as you call each game.


Make Thanksgiving Cards for Family or as a Community Service Project

You can arrange with a local nursing home to deliver Thanksgiving cards your troop made. Use sturdy cardstock so they can stand alone. Use these fall foam stickers to make them pop. Children can write a message on the inside of their card and sign, for safety reasons, only their first name.

These are peel and stick foam stickers that are easy for the girls to use.

Peel and stick fall stickers for Thanksgiving cards 

Make a Fall Necklace

Another fun activity that can be done in person or virtually is to have your girls create a fall necklace. Provide the elastic in the bag as well as the beads.

Make a fall necklace for your Thanksgiving Girl Scout meeting 

A Fun Game to Play

Do you need a time filler or something to do while you are waiting for the other girls to show up? Here are 50 Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions for kids.

What are you planning for your Thanksgiving meeting?

Friday, October 15, 2021

Host a Girl Scout Friendsgiving and Earn Three Daisy Petals

While we may be in the weeks before Halloween and Girl Scout Founder's Day, it isn't too early to think about thinking about and planning your November meetings.

Girl Scout Daisy Friendsgiving Meeting Ideas
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With Thanksgiving only a month away, this is a good time to think about having a Girl Scout Friendsgiving meeting with your troop. You can these earn up to three Daisy petals while during this meeting

Green Daisy Petal-Use Resources Wisely

Rose Daisy Petal-Make the World a Better Place

Yellow Daisy Petal-Friendly and Helpful

Because every Council has different Covid safety rules about where your can meet and the activities you can do, you might have to tweak some of the ideas here. 

Hosting a Girl Scout Friendsgiving

If you are planning to serve food, you will have to consider the following:
  • Does it need to be individually packaged?
  • Do girls in your troop have dietary restrictions due to allergies or religious beliefs?
  • What will you be serving? Bite sized items or a complete meal?
Whatever you decide to do food-wise, a SignUp Genius is my favorite way to get help, stay organized, and keep everyone in the loop. You can also ask for paper goods and beverages as well on your sign up.

Girl Scout Friendsgiving Crafts for Daisies

Girl Scout Daisy Friendsgiving Meeting Ideas
Image created by the author on Canva

Earn the Green Daisy Petal

In order to earn the Green Daisy petal, Use Resources Wisely, you can do a toilet paper tube turkey craft. There are many ways to create one. Here are some images and sites for you to use. 

Earn the Rose Daisy Petal

During your meeting, girls can make Thanksgiving cards to be distributed to a senior citizen facility.

Earn the Yellow Daisy Petal

If you are able to serve Thanksgiving fare, ask families to bring a traditional favorite food that is on their holiday table. Girls can help their parent prepare the dish (helpful) and then share it with the troop (friendly). The girls can also have a chance to speak and explain a bit about the dish that is being served.

Another way for your troop to earn the yellow Daisy petal is to make an edible cornicopia. Get enough supplies for them to make two-one to eat and one to share with someone in their family.

The girls can help clean up, which is helpful, and another way to earn the yellow petal.

What are you doing with your Daisy troop this November?

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

10 Tips for Recruiting Girl Scouts

You are full of enthusiasm to start leading a new troop of Girl Scout Daisies. When you check your roster, there are only two other girls listed besides your daughter. How can you recruit more girls?

Here are 10 tips to help increase your ranks.

1. First of all, relax. Back to school is a busy time for everyone, and parents are working out the logistics of work and activities. Plus, not everyone is gung ho to start a kindergartener on a new activitiy when their chld is adjusting to a new school. You may see your numbers increase as the school year progresses and word gets out that there is a troop available.

10 Tips for Recruiting Girls to Your Girl Scout Troop

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My troop started out with six in kindergarten and we went to twelve by first grade (my maximum number). 

2. Ask the school if they can send around a flyer to knidergarten and/or first grade classes advertising your troop. In all my years as a parent and a teacher, this was something my local Service Unit did every fall. If yours does not, ask if they will.

3. If your school has a parent run Facebook group for each grade level, you can share in that space that you are starting a new troop. No such group? Start one!

4. Do you pick up your child at school? If you are permitted to congregate in the open space, you can talk to other parents about your troop. They may not know one exists so close by.

5. Have your daughter talk about Girl Scouts with her friends. Invite them to a meeting (check you Council rules about bringing a friend).

10 Tips for Recruiting Girls to Your Girl Scout Troop

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6. Post in a local parent Facebook or Nextdoor page about your troop. Remember to include the meeting time and place so people who respond know when and where the meetings take place.

7. Call your Council and make sure your troop is listed in the Service catalog. 

8. Have the parents of girls in your troop reach out to their friends with girls the same age who are eligible to join.

9. Contact your Service Unit Manager and ask for her gudiance. 

10. If you have any local MOMs groups or Parents of Twins groups, see if you can send a flyer or speak at their meeting.

I hope these 10 tips for recruiting Girl Scouts to your troop.

What have you done to add more girls?