Thursday, March 21, 2019

What is the Number One Mistake New Girl Scout Leaders Make?

The past two months have been beyond hectic in my house. My son fell ill and was hospitalized for three weeks. He still requires care at home.

I am blessed to work for an organization that promotes family first, and taking off the necessary time of to care for him was not something I stressed about for a single minute.

While in the waiting room and all the other down time I had just waiting, I was kept occupied by the numerous Facebook posts on the Girl Scout pages I belong to. I could not believe how much stress leaders were put under during cookie season. There were a few who were pregnant with no help and doing booths out in the cold. Others were sacrificing attending family events.


That led me to an September 2014 blog post on my main Girl Scout blog. I knew I had written something on this topic years ago. I found it, wrote an update, and want to present it here to all of you.

What is the number one mistake Girl Scout leaders make?

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NOTHING about Girl Scouts, or any other volunteer organization for that matter, is worth sacrificing your physical and mental health. I am dismayed at how leaders will jeopardize their health or miss important life events due to cookie season.

Leaders, please stop the madness.

You can read more about what I believe is the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE Girl Scout leaders make right here.