Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to Earn Multiple Daisy Petals With One Pringles Can

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Updated October 2019

If you find yourself short on meeting dates, you can use this activity to earn three Daisy petals at once-orange, rose, and spring green. Helping your Daisy Girl Scouts earn their petals is fun. Their enthusiasm is infectious! With ten petals and the center to work on, doing activities to finish the daisy takes up the bulk of your time together. Doing a project for multiple petals is also a good way to revisit the petals you have already earned.

How to Earn Multiple Daisy Petals With One Pringles Can

Photo By Denise Chan (Rainbow) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Altered by the author in Picmonkey

Meeting Prep
*Send an email or note a few weeks before the craft to the Daisy parents to start looking for an empty Pringles can.
*This activity requires at least three adults.
*Before the meeting, type of the coupons (at least five) on the computer in a pretty font using different colors. Depending on the size you use, you can fit eight-to ten on one page. Cut into strips and paper clip together. You can either keep the same ones together and hand out at the meeting or put all five in a bundle and paper clip them together to hand out all at once.

Things You Will Need 

  • A Pringles can that has been washed out by hand with a slighlty wet and soapy sponge
  • 9 x 12 construction paper of the same color-enough for each girl
  • A small strip of construction paper in a contrasting color for the bottom
  • Magic markers (glitter markers are fun!)
  • Coupons for chores made on the computer and cut out (see free template here on DLTK's site)
  • Glue and scotch tape
Introducing the Daisy Petals Being Earned Today 
Tell the girls they are going to earn three petal today:

orange (responsible for what I say and do), 
rose (make the world a better place) and 
green (use resources wisely) 

They are going to reuse the Pringles can (recycling) and decorate them. Then they will put their chore coupons inside (being responsible and making the world better).
Give each girl a piece of construction paper to decorate any way they would like with the magic markers. Brainstorm some ideas if any of the girls is having problems trying to design. Be sure that the girl's name appears somewhere on the can. 
When the girl is done, have her put glue on the back side of the paper and glue it to the can. Tape down the sides where they meet. Glue and put the extra strip of construction paper and glue it to so none of the can is showing. 

How to Earn Multiple Daisy Petals With One Pringles Can

Photo by Hannah Gold
This is the can my daughter made at her meeting.

Have the girls put their coupons inside. The coupons can say things like "I will help wash the dishes", "I will clean my room for ten minutes" or "I will help fold the laundry". Place the plastic lids back on the can. 
Reusing items not only shows the girls how to make something from nothing, it also helps keep your dues in the bank! Can you think of some other ways to earn Daisy petals with one Pringles can?

Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Earn Four Daisy Petals With One Girl Scout Cookie Carton

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Updated October 2019

Are you a first year Daisy Scout leader who has just started a troop this year and your girls are first graders?  If you are, then you only have one year for your girls to learn about and earn all of the Daisy petals. Doing this is important since earning Daisy petals are the foundation for all of the scouting years ahead.

I know that many new leaders wonder if you can earn more than one Daisy petal at a meeting. While it is ideal to only do one per session so that the concepts are taught on their own, the reality is that time is short if you meet twice a month during the school year and you only have one year to earn the petals. Therefore, it is certainly acceptable for you to earn more than one Daisy petal at a meeting. There are no Girl Scout police looking over your shoulder to reprimand you if you do. Besides, you are a volunteer. If anyone did say something to you, you need to tell that person that you are a volunteer and will do things for your troop the way you see fit. (and the earlier you do this the better!)

How to Earn Four Daisy Petals With One Girl Scout Cookie Carton

Photo by Hannah Gold

You can create your own community service project with one Girl Scout cookie carton. If you do this project, you can earn four petals:
Green-Use Resources Wisely
Spring Green-Considerate and Caring

Rose-Make the World a Better Place
As the leader, you need to research organizations that can use items to be donated. This will determine what goes inside the boxes.

Some ideas are:
Animal shelter-Old towels, paper towels, pet food
Food bank-Canned and boxed goods
Woman's shelter-Children's clothes, toys, personal care items
Preschool or library programs-Items that they recycle to use as crafts, such as paper towel tubes, empty water bottles, cleaned out margarine tubes 

You will also need to have a place to have these boxes to collect the donations, like a parent's office or the school or church/synagogue where you meet. 
Once you have selected an organization, you will need to send out an email to parents letting them know in advance about the upcoming project. This will give them time to let them save the items you are collecting, as well as letting others now about the troop project and see if they are willing to participate.
The next thing you need to determine is will each girl make her own carton or will two girls make a carton. That will determine how much you need to collect. When my girls were Daisy Scouts, I had twelve children in my troop; there is a big difference filling six boxes as opposed to twelve!
You can cover the outside with plain white wrapping paper for the girls to decorate with pictures and stickers that relate to the organization (use animal stickers for animal shelter donations). Or the girls can glue scraps of paper to the boxes for a collage effect. The ways to do this are only limited by your imagination!
The box should have some kind of recognition of the organization you are assisting and what you are collecting. For example, run off the logo and make sure it appears on the front side of the box.

Bulletin board letters like these can be used as tracers or used themselves to decorate the outside of the box.
At your meeting, discuss with the girls why you are doing this project and ask for ideas from them on how they can help. This part gives them ownership and makes them feel more responsible, a big part of being a Girl Scout.
After the boxes have been decorated, have the girls take them home so parents can bring them to the collection spot.
Arrange for a time that some or all of the girls can help deliver the boxes of donations. By doing this step, the girls can see with their own eyes how their actions are helping others.
For leaders who are short on time for earning Daisy petals, earning multiple petals in one meeting is a way to accomplish your troop goals.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

How to Earn the Orange Girl Scout Daisy Petal Responsible for What I Say and Do

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Updated October 2019

As a Daisy Girl Scout leader, you will need to help the girls earn the orange Daisy petal, "Responsible for What I Say and Do." As they grow from Daisy Scouts to Brownies, to Juniors and beyond, they will need to run certain parts of the meetings, as well as the Pledge of Allegiance, the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law.

How to Earn the Orange Daisy Girl Scout Petal Responsible for What I Say and Do
Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

The girls will need to have a Kaper chart for different jobs. A chore chart will help the girls be more responsible at home, earning the orange petal. You can also use this craft to earn the yellow petal, "Friendly and Helpful", as they are being helpful, too.

How to Earn the Orange Daisy Girl Scout Petal Responsible for What I Say and Do

A great book to read to earn this Daisy petal.

What Exactly Does Responsibility Mean? 

At the beginning of your meeting, ask the girls what the word "responsibility" means. Ask them what they are responsible for at their Daisy meetings, in their classrooms, and in their homes. Then ask them what happens when jobs don't get done. Think of some scenarios, for example, what if a teacher did not prepare her lessons for the day? What happens if you do not take care of your pet? What happens is no one goes to the grocery store? Tell the girls that they are going to make a chart that lists five chores they will be responsible for at home. 

8 x 11 construction paper, all the same light color, one for each girl (prepped for them-see directions)

Prep Work

On a piece of construction paper, write ________________'s Responsibility Chart. Number from 1-5 and write lines. Leave enough room for the girls to trace her hand. Make a few extra copies of the chart in case one of the girls makes a mistake.

How to Earn the Orange Daisy Girl Scout Petal Responsible for What I Say and Do With a Chore Chart

Image created by Hannah Gold on Picmonkey

Time for the Craft

In pencil, have the girls trace their hand. They can decorate the hand with markers. When they take them home, have their parents talk about what chores they will write in.
At your next Daisy Girl Scout meeting, ask the girls what their chores are and if they are actually doing them!  See if they are really earning the orange Daisy petal or if they need a new lesson in being responsible.
Always have some Daisy Girl Scout coloring pages available to keep the early finishers occupied while the others complete their craft.  This will keep these girls out of trouble so you can hep the others complete the task at hand.

Monday, January 16, 2017

How to Earn the Magenta Daisy Petal, Respect Authority

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Updated October 2019

Leading a troop of kindergarten and first grade Daisy Girl Scouts is an enriching experience. There is a lot of planning involved for each meeting. Your co-leader and you do not have always do everything. A special guest speaker can help your troop earn the magenta "Respect Authority" petal and give you a chance to be a participant!

How to Earn the Magenta Daisy Petal, Respect Authority

Photo from Pixabay and Canva

This is a very important petal to earn, as being respectful is a part of life. It is also integral for you to have your girls respect you and your co-leader, as you are volunteering your time to give each child this wonderful scouting experience. Ask any leader who has had trouble with her troop, and you will know exactly why this is an important part of the Girl Scout Law.
If your troop is home based, i.e., you meet at the school your Daisy Scouts attend, contact the principal and see if she is willing to come to a meeting and speak to the girls. This is how my troop earned this petal. Meeting her in an informal setting will make the principal seem more approachable to the young girls. The principal can give a tour of her office and other places often off limits to children during the school day, and she answer any questions they might have. It is also a great photo opportunity for your Girl Scout scrapbook!

Our principal read this book to the girls.

If there is time at the end of the meeting, the girls can write thank you notes or cards to the principal. If not, then ahead of time, you can have a card all made out for the girls to sign at the end of the meeting. Teaching them good manners is very important and also a way of being considerate and caring, another part of the Girl Scout Law. 
You can do the same with any teacher in the school. If you can get their kindergarten or first grade teacher to attend, the girls will be overjoyed. Ask if she is willing to stay after school and speak about what she does. She can show the children all the planning it takes to teach them every day. They may even be able to "help" her hang up a bulletin board, staple or collate papers or help set up an activity for class the next day.

If there is a parent, or a parent has a contact who is a firefighter, police officer, nurse, doctor, dentist, or any other community helper, ask them to come and visit the troop and help them earn the magenta Daisy petal, "Respect Authority".
Another way you can earn this Daisy petal is to take a field trip to the police station or firehouse. Young children love outings and this will be much more of a hands on experience. They may even get their own firefighter helmets or police badges as keepsakes of their trip!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be A Sister to Every Girl Scout

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Updated October 2019

Working with kindergarten and first grade girls is a rewarding and enriching experience for adult leaders, as well as a fun time for the children in your troop. One of the most important things Girl Scout leaders need to do is foster friendship among their group. More than likely, these girls will be together for many years as a troop earning patches and badges, taking field trips and doing community service projects. 

Getting along is imperative to avoid drama and hurt feelings, as well as makes the time you spend together more enjoyable.  You will look forward to your troop meetings if everyone gets along (at least most of the time!)

How to Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be A Sister to Every Girl Scout

Photo from Pixabay

That is why the violet petal, "Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout" is one to earn once you earned the blue promise center.
An easy and inexpensive Daisy Girl Scout activity is the "Daisy Chain of Friendship".  
Materials Needed
Computer paper, cut into thirds (the long way)
Magic markers
One stapler per adult volunteer
Pre Meeting Prep Work
Before the meeting, cut 8x11 white computer paper into strips approximately three inches thick. You need to make one bundle of strips for each child in your troop. For example, if you have ten girls in your troop, you will need ten bundles of ten strips (100 strips). Paper clip them together.
Note: Make sure you make an extra bundle of strips for any child who make mistakes, as well as a paper chain of three or four links to show as an example. Children need a visual to see what it is that you want them to do.
Starting The Meeting

Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be A Sister to Every Girl Scout

Photo from Pixabay

At the meeting, ask the girls what it means to "be a sister to every girl scout". Discuss ways to be kind to each other during the meeting,  at school and at home. You may even want to read a book about friendship to the girls to start this meeting.
Show the troop your paper chain. Explain that each girl is going to decorate her strip with her own name. She can write her name in bubble letters, block letters, squiggly letters, etc, and then draw designs around her name.  
Note:  If you have more than ten girls, limit each piece of paper to just her name until all the names are completed.  Then she can begin decorating the individual strips.
When each girl is done with her strips, place them on another table, separated into piles (ten girls, ten piles). The next child lays her strips on top of these, until each pile has ten unique names. Troop leaders and volunteers will help the girls staple them into a paper chain.
For those who finish early, have some coloring pages available so they will keep busy.
By earning the violet petal, "Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout", your troop will start off the year on the right foot.

Monday, January 9, 2017

How to Earn the Light Blue Daisy Girl Scout Petal-Honest and Fair

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Earning the light blue Daisy Petal, Honest and Fair, is not one that can be taught to your troop with a craft; you need to do hands-on activities to get this concept across to your girls. Your Daisy Scouts are young...five and six year old children are concrete learners, they need to "see" what fair is.
Children have a very strong sense of what is fair and what is not.  You can start this meeting by asking the girls what fair and unfair mean.  Then ask these questions and have the girls raise their hands in response if it is fair, keep it down if it is unfair.  Or to keep the girls moving, have them stand up and jump if a situation is fair, stand still if it is unfair.
Here are some sample situations:
  • Your teacher gives you more homework than the other kids.
  • Your parents make you eat broccoli.
  • Your sibling gets to stay up later than you do.
  • You get more dessert than your siblings.
  • Everyone in your family gets to watch a movie together.
One activity you can do to earn this petal is to take a pile of clip art paper apples, place them on the table, and ask them how they could divide them fairly (make sure the amount you print is even so every girl gets the same amount). Talk about what would be fair and unfair and what that means.

How to Earn the Light Blue Daisy Petal Honest and Fair

Image courtesy of stockimages/

How to earn the light blue Daisy petal Honest and Fair

This is a great book to read at this meeting.

This is a battle cry parents and teachers have heard multiple times.  In this humorous book, what is and is not fair is examined.
Daisy Scout Activities for the Honest and Fair Petal
One activity you can do to earn this petal is to take a pile of clip art paper apples, place them on the table, and ask them how they could divide them fairly (make sure the amount you print is even so every girl gets the same amount). Talk about what would be fair and unfair and what that means.
The girls can strategize and figure out how to do it on their own. Once they do this successfully, put the apples back in the pile and take away a few to make the number uneven. Repeat the activity and see what the girls figure out (my troop decided to rip up the extras and share them).
Another activity you can do is to play a game with spinners. You can make your own fair and unfair spinners or print some out from a website and put the girls into groups according to how many spaces you have on the spinners. Each girl picks a number to be and keeps track of how many times it landed on her number (a volunteer or two can help with this). The girls spin for ten turns and then compare the results. Was it a fair game? Why not?
Teaching About Honesty 
For honesty, you can talk about "Honest Abe" Lincoln or George Washington and the story of the cherry tree. There are some wonderful children's biographies to read to your girls about these men. Ask the girls why it is important to be honest. What happens when you lie? What happens when trust is broken?

How to earn the light blue Daisy petal, Honest and Fair

This book about telling the truth and what happens when you don't is very accessible to young children.
Using these hands on activities, you will be able to help your troop earn the light blue Daisy petal, honest and fair.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

How to Earn the Purple Daisy Petal Respect Myself and Others

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Personal hygiene is very important for both children and adults. No one wants to be around a person who smells, even if this person is kind, funny and has a good heart. When I was an elementary school teacher, I always taught my students about good grooming habits, especially during the warm weather months. Since our school building had no air conditioning, after, my classroom remained ripe with the sweat of twenty children who could not find a way to cool off after running around during recess. I gently reminded them that they needed to go home and take a bath or shower and wash their hair so they all smelled better in the morning!

One way to earn the purple Daisy petal, Respect Myself and Others, is to teach your troop about good hygiene. There is a humorous book by Kate Bernheimer entitled The Girl Who Wouldn't Brush Her Hair that will teach your girls all about taking care of themselves.

Read The Girl Who Wouldn't Brush Her Hair to earn the Purple daisy Petal Respect Myself and Others

At the beginning of the story, we meet a little girl who enjoys taking a bath, but does not like to brush her hair because it is "just her way". Soon, knots begin to develop and a mouse decides to live in her hair (like a "rat's nest"). The next day, a few more mice, who tell great knock-knock jokes and have fairy tale books, also move into her hair. Eventually, 100 mice move into her hair!

While she enjoyed the company of the mice, they started to become a bother when she attempted to take a bath. They could not swim so she did not bathe. And we all know what happens when we stop bathing...she became smelly and dirty. She also began to sleep less and less due to the mice.

Eventually, her teacher tells the little girl she has to choose between her favorite baby doll and the mice, since at rest time she could only have one thing with her.

She told the mice they had to go, and then she took a bath, washed her hair and brushed it! The children at school complimented her on her new hair style.

Here is the meeting plan to earn the purple Daisy petal.

1. Ask the children what would happen if they stopped brushing their hair. Then ask what would happen if they stopped taking a bath. 

2. Read the story to the girls.

3. Talk about good hygiene and why it is important, even if you do not feel like doing it!

The girls are going to make their own personal hygiene bags. Give each girl one of these bags in which to place their items. You can get small travel size soaps from your friends who travel a lot and have them from hotels or you can ask your doctor's office if they have samples for you to have. You can also ask your dentist for travel size floss and toothpaste for your bags.

How to Earn the Purple Daisy Petal Respect Myself and Others-make personal hygiene bags

These Rat Tail Combs would be a fun addition to the bag. 

Another item you can put in are these mini nail files. They come in sets of 12.

You can then have the girls do a crazy hair art project. Here is a printable template for you to start with from Artistry of Education. The girls can use crayons to draw crazy hair styles. Then give them each a few of these mouse stickers to put in the hair they drew,

How to earn the purple Daisy petal

Enjoy this fun meeting on how to earn the purple Daisy petal, Respect Myself and Others!