Thursday, November 19, 2015

Inexpensive Gifts for Daisy Girl Scouts

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Updated November 2019

The holiday season is around the corner. Whether you want to give a small gift to the girls in your troop or for your own daughter, here are some gift ideas aimed just for Daisy Girl Scouts.

This Daisy Girl Scout necklace is a perfect gift for your little girl.

Here is an adorable necklace just for Daisies! It is a wonderful gift for your daughter and it has free shipping. Also available for Brownie Scouts as well.

This Friendship Doll makes a lovely gift for your Daisy or Brownie Scout. There is a blonde haired version as well.

This doll is available with blonde hair.

Gift for a Girl Scout-this Friendship Doll comes with stickers.

Buy this set and break it up to give as a gift for your girls. Add some mints and chocolates to a cello bag and create an inexpensive yet thoughtful Girl Scout gift.

A sweet little gift that you can give to your girls in a cello bag with some candy is a cookie flavored Lip Smacker. Break up the set to hand out one to each girl. You can also buy these as singles for a stocking stuffer or as an add on gift if you are handing a girl a gift card.

This Daisy Girl Scout uniform is for 18 inch dolls. Makes a fun gift for your Daisy Scout!

If your daughter is into American Girl dolls, then this Daisy uniform for 18 inch dolls is just what she will want to have.

This gift set of Girl Scout uniforms fits 18 inch dolls.

This is a gift set of Girl Scout uniforms for 18 inch dolls.

Barbie is now a Girl Scout! Fans of this iconic doll will enjoy having one in uniform.

Barbie Loves Girl Scouts African American doll.

She is also available as an African-American.

The popular Girl Scout Cookie Oven is a big gift for your little girl. Add some cookie mixes to the gift and your daughter will be baking for hours!

Enjoy having a little girl this holiday season!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Winter Craft Kits for Girl Scouts

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Updated November 2019

In a post from last year, I shared why your winter crafts should be non-denominational if you have a diverse group of girls in your troop. There are many wonderful winter crafts that you can do and everyone can be comfortable participating while creating them.

For some great craft kits like bracelets and frames that are still available, you can read this post.

Snowman craft kit for Girl Scout winter meetings and class winter parties.

Snow Cone Snowman Craft Kit (Makes 12)

Felt Snowman Pin Craft Kit (Makes 12)

Flower Pot Snowman Craft Kit Makes 12

Foam snowman craft kit makes 12

Foam Smile Face Snowman with Sunglasses Magnet Craft Kit - Makes 12

Snowflake bracelet craft kit for 12-perfect for Girl Scouts!

Beaded Snowman Charm Bracelet Craft Kit

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Community Service Books for Daisy Scouts

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Updated November 2019

In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of Girl Scouting is performing community service. In today's busy world, there are a million excuses not to volunteer (which is why you are the one who stepped up to lead your daughter's troop-everyone else was "too busy"). While there are periods of one's life when giving of your time is not possible (no babysitter or grandparents to help, caring for a sick family member, working 80 hours a week), we all do have time to help out on short term projects. We have to choose to make the time.

Young children have a natural empathy for others in need. If we as leaders can harness that willingness to help, we may be able to help sow a new generation of volunteers.

Service projects do not have to elaborate at this age. Before you do your project, you may want to read one of these great picture books to the girls.

Uncle Willie's Soup Kitchen tells the story of a boy who accompanies his Uncle to the soup kitchen where he works. Using pictures and words that children can understand, compassion is taught to the reader as she gets a realistic look at how one operates.

Maddi and Sofia are friends who like to play together after school. One day, Sofia sees that there is no food in Maddi's fridge, and Maddi tells Sofia to keep this a secret. While there are good secrets and bad secrets, Sofia is torn at what to do. This book has so many valuable lessons to teach the girls, including that hunger can be right in their own community affecting children their own age. This book has a five star rating.

Here is another book that shares how one small act can reap great rewards. After not cooperating, the characters realize that they all need to help to get their coveted vegetables. A lesson in cooperation and how working together helps all achieve their goals and kindness and sharing create positive results.

Have you read any of these books? Do you have any others to suggest?