Saturday, June 16, 2018

3 Summer Meeting Ideas for Girl Scout Daisies

I have been a teacher since 1987. In my younger days, July and August were a time for me to do temp work and tutor children. When our children arrived, these two months were for us to hang out and play.

Easy Girl Scout Leader Summer Meeting Ideas

Photo from Pixabay and edited by the author in Canva

After decades as an educator, as soon as the calendar changes to June, my mind and body begin to unwind. While I am very busy with my synagogue volunteer work and my family obligations, summer meetings were something that, until last summer, I did not do.

When my troop was younger, I needed a break (you can read about the pros and cons of summer meetings in this blog post). With only three Girl Scout Seniors left in my troop, and all with busy high school schedules, summer meetings are a time for us to catch up, go on field trips, and do a required Journey for the Gold Award. Meetings over the school year are tough to schedule.

For leaders of younger scouts, you do not need to have a meeting if you do not want to. If you do meet, here is a blog post with three fun ideas for a summer Girl Scout meeting.

Need some more ideas? Here are a few.

Go Fruit Picking

Summer Girl Scout Meeting Ideas-Pick Your Own Fruit

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If you live near a farm that has a Pick Your Own fruit, you can schedule that for one morning of fun (it's cooler in the early hours of the day).

Pizza Party

Summer Girl Scout Meeting Ideas-Pizza Party

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Invite the girls over to your house for a pizza party! You can buy premade dough or pie crusts and the girls can make their own pizzas with the toppings you provide. Place each on foil with the child's name in Sharpie so that the girls get their own pizza creation.

Did you know that you could put pizza on the grill? Place the pies on foil pans and put on the grill. DELICIOUS and no need to heat your oven!

Or you can have the girls make solar ovens and then cook their pizza! There are many ways to do this...just search and find which method would work best for you.

In your backyard, play some games and just enjoy being together. No agenda necessary!

No Bake Party

There are tons of delicious no bake recipes for kids. The girls can have a good time learning basic kitchen skills and eating what they have made.

You can have them decorate chef hats or aprons as a craft.

What will your troop be doing this summer?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Bridging from Girl Scout Daisies to Girl Scout Brownies Guide

It's closing in on the end of April and you are getting ready for your Daisies to bridge to Brownies. I am sure you are both excited and nervous about this Girl Scout milestone, but I am here to tell you to relax! These are girls going into second grade...the ceremony should be short, cute and stress free for all involved.

The Bridging from Girl Scout Daisies to Girl Scout Brownies Guide for busy leaders

Photo by Hannah Gold and Image Created on Canva

In this blog post, my ultimate planning guide for your bridging ceremony, I have it all laid out for your step-by-step. I have been there and done that, so it is my goal to help you not stress about anything at all. Everything from who buys the Brownie uniform to what food to serve is discussed.

One thing I would like to know is that it whatever you decide to do, it does not have to be Pinterest pretty. The hours some leaders spend making things pretty is better spent on other activities. My co-leader and I spent about an hour painting these flower pots for our bridge.

quick, simple, and easy Girl Scout bridge for leaders to make

Photos by Hannah Gold

quick, simple, and easy Girl Scout bridge for leaders to make

Here is my rule for doing anything-KISS Keep It Simple Sister. You volunteer your time, your heart and your energy for the important things like meetings. Bridging is important, but it is not a wedding. People are going to remember the joy of the occasion, not the perfectly presented badges.

On my Scout Leader blog, you can read about bridging here and get some more ideas.

Keep the bridging decorations simple, and ask parents to bring items you need. 

Don't forget to breathe and enjoy this occasion!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Free Shipping at JOANN No Minimum Today Only!

*This post contains affiliate links. 

Happy Easter to all of you who are celebrating! As I was checking my emails this morning, I received one from JOANN that got me excited! 


And wait, there's more! 

There is a 50% off sale on their entire Kids and Leaning Section! (find it all here.) Paint, scissors, beads...what do you need for your spring and summer meetings? Free shipping and half-price! Now you can use your troop dues even more wisely!

Photo from Pixabay

If you are like me, you dislike paying for shipping, especially if you only have a few small items to buy. Now is the time to replenish your troop craft supplies (they are on sale) and ship them to you home for free with no minimum purchase.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How to Earn the Girl Scout Bridging to Brownie Award

While the weather in many parts of the country is not feeling very "spring" like, the calendar says that it is. Cookie season is winding down and leaders are feeling a sigh of relief.

For those of you with second year Daisies, it is time to start thinking about bridging to Girl Scout Brownies.

My next few posts will be about this wonderful Girl Scout milestone, and this first one is how girls can earn the Girl Scout Bridging to Brownie Award

How to Earn the Girl Scout Bridging to Brownie Award

Photo from Canva

The bridging badge is one that needs to be earned, not just purchased when girls fly up to Brownies. There are two steps to earning this patch.

Step 1-Pass It On

Girls will share something fun about being a Girl Scout Daisy.

Step 2-Look Ahead

The girls will meet with a Brownie troop and learn something from them.

For more ideas and directions on how to earn the Girl Scout Bridging to Brownie Award, visit the Girl Scout website here. It has all the information you need to get your girls started on this important first step to bridging.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Girl Scout S'mores Campout Bear is Now Available at Build-A-Bear for a Limited Time Only

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It's official! They are here! For a limited time only, your troop can go to Build-A-Bear and make the official Girl Scout S'mores Campout Bear. My troop went to Build-A-Bear in 2012, it was during November, the end of the year-long celebration of the Girl Scouts of the USA's 100th birthday. Troops like mine had flocked to the store to make these souvenir bears (my daughter still has hers), and about a year later finding them and the uniform became a challenge. 

Whether you want to take a troop trip or just want to buy your own daughter a special bear, here is what is available now. If you have a Cadette or older Scout besides your Daisy, you can only get that style of uniform online. Find it here.

There are also many other accessories for the bear, not just the uniform. You can find the complete line of Build-A-Bear Girl Scout items here.

If you are a first year Daisy leader, then your girls will definitely want the Daisy Build-A-Bear.

Official Daisy Girl Scout S'mores Campout Bear from Build-A-Bear is available for a limited time only.

For those of you who are bridging to Brownies, you may want to have the girls get both uniforms.

It's finally here! The official Girl Scout S'mores Campout Bear from Build-A-Bear.  Available for a limited time only.

Are you planning on taking your troop to Build-A-Bear?