Monday, December 5, 2016

Fun December Meeting Ideas

Are you knee deep in holiday preparations at home? Are you busy buying gifts, hosting a party, attending parties and decorating your home?

I thought so!

December is a time for you to have a fun meeting that does not involve too much work on your part. 

Quick and Easy Girl Scout Meeting Ideas for December

Photo from Pixabay

For more easy December meeting ideas, you can read this blog post and this one as well

Keep it simply and easy for yourself so you can enjoy your troop meetings this month!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Inexpensive Daisy Girl Scout Troop Gifts

It's that time of year when it officially sinks in that the holiday gift giving season is upon us. We could ignore the Christmas decor that arrived in stores the day after Halloween (or was it the weeks before trick or treating?), but with Rankin Bass Christmas and Peanuts Christmas specials already airing, your co-leader and you need to have a talk and discuss whether or not you are going to give gifts to your troop for the holiday season.

Ideas for gifts that leaders can give their troop.

Photo from Pixabay

In my nine years of leading a troop, I have never given gifts. Many of my girls already owned better technology than I do and traveled to places I have never visited. I always considered my gift to them the time and energy I put into being their leader.

If you do want to give your troop a gift, then please be sensitive (my post on having a holiday celebration during your meeting). Giving each girl an ornament is a fine idea if everyone in your troop celebrates Christmas. If you have a diverse group with different beliefs, then a gift that is not tied to any December holiday is what is most appropriate.

Here are some fun ideas that are not expensive, especially if you are splitting the cost with your co-leader.

Jalousie 12 Sets Deluxe Girls Party Favor Jewelry Collections of Necklace and Bracelet

Jalousie 12 Sets Deluxe Girls Party Favor Jewelry Collections of Necklace and Bracelet-Great gift for Daisy leaders to give their girls.

This jewelry set comes with one necklace and one bracelet and the beautiful teal bag featured. How easy is this to give? 

Tea Party Tote Bag Assortment

12 tea Party tote bags. Fill with candy and give as gift with a note that says, "We think you are preTEA awesome!"

This set of 12 tea bag totes measure 6" x 6 " and have a 4 " handle. Fill with some chocolate and add a gift tag that reads, "We think you are pre-TEA awesome!" 

Sundae Lip Gloss

Whether we like it or not, most little girls love to wear some kind of makeup so they appear to be more grown up. Lip gloss is an innocuous way for girls to get their makeup fix without really wearing makeup.

Sundae lip gloss comes with four different styles-12 total to a package. This is an adorable gift to give your troop.

There are four different kinds of sundaes that you will receive in this set of one dozen. Each one measures about 2.25 inches. Simply adorable! Your girls are going to love this!

Cupcake Bubble Necklaces

Set of 12 cupcake bubble necklaces make a fun and inexpensive holiday gift to give your troop

Kids love bubbles. Girls love necklaces. Put the two together and you have this adorable gift that will certainly be a hit!

If you have fewer than 12 girls in your troop this works out to be a little more than a dollar a gift. Extras can be donated.

For many more fun and inexpensive Girl Scout gifts, you can look here on Amazon.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Daisy Girl Scout Christmas Ornaments Are a Memorable Gift

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Chances are if you are a Daisy Girl Scout leader, then your daughter or granddaughter is in the troop. With the holiday season fast approaching, you may be considering what you can give her that is related to her first or second year as a Daisy Scout.

If you celebrate Christmas and put a tree up every year, then here are some wonderful Daisy Girl Scout ornaments for you to choose from. They are available on Amazon and you can also find these and more on eBay.

This Daisy Girl Scout Christmas Ornament makes a wonderful memory for your tree.

Daisy Girl Scout Christmas ornament for the girl who loves to paint and craft.

Zazzle has a huge collection of Daisy Girl Scout ornaments. They come with all skin hues and hair colors, and can be personalized with names and the girl's troop number. Here are just a few of the dozens of choices.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Friday Weekend Sale Girl Scout Ornaments 65% Off on Zazzle

*This post contains affiliate links. 

I love to shop, and as my dear friend who can spend any amount on anything she says, "Quality at a discount!" This weekend only, Zazzle has Girl Scout ornaments (and any other kind of ornament) on sale for 65% off! 

Here are some of the dozens of Girl Scout ornament designs you can have for your daughter, granddaughter or favorite scout in your life! These are available in many levels of scouts, in different hair colors and different skin tones. They can all be personalized and are available in shapes other than the ones featured here.

Monday, November 21, 2016

How to Earn the Daisy Girl Scout Talk It Up Leaf

The final leaf that your Daisy Girl Scouts can earn is called Talk It Up. At this point, the girls are starting their cookie sales and you will be tracking your progress to reach the goals that you made with the Count It Up leaf. Armed with knowledge about the different types of cookies, what money looks like and knowing what things cost, the girls are ready for the big time!

Here is how your girls can earn the Daisy Girl Scout Talk It Up leaf.

How to Earn the Daisy Girl Scout Talk It Up Leaf

By Dsafdy (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons and altered by the author on Picmonkey

Step 1 Decide How to Use Your Cookie Money

Ask girls if they know what saving money means and discuss why it is important to save. If the girls want to go on a big trip with their earnings, then it cannot all be spent on other things during the rest of the scouting year.

At the end of the sale, make a chart like the one in the Daisy binder and have the girls see the numbers.

Step 2 Talk About How to Use Cookie Money to Help Others

Life isn't always about us. It also has to be about others...that is the crux of the Girl Scout Promise. Friendly and Helpful, Considerate and Caring, Respect Myself and Others... it is what scouts do.

After you have decided on where you want a portion of the money to go, have the girls create a poster to share at your booth. If it an animal shelter, you can print out pictures animals and the organization's logo.

Step 3 Inspire Your Customers

Some girls do not mind talking to strangers while others can do it easily. It is a good idea to role play different cookie scenarios with them so they do not get upset if someone says, "No, thank you" or asks them how the money they raise is used.