Thursday, October 20, 2016

Free Daisy Girl Scout Coloring Pages

One of the most important things I learned during my first year as an elementary school teacher was classroom management. My second grade class had 25 children, and some of them had some very real behavioral issues (Yeah, welcome to teaching. Why give these kids to the teacher across the hall who had over 20 years experience under her belt? But I digress...)

Managing your troop of kindergarten and first grade Daisy Scouts is necessary for your meetings to run smoothly. For someone like myself who has been doing this for a living since 1987, it comes as second nature . For those who have never been in charge of a large group of children, the task can seem overwhelming.

Leader Resource-Free Printable Daisy Girl Scout coloring pages

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This is where good management comes in. Children will get themselves into mischief or misbehave if they are bored or undirected. If there is nothing to do, then they will find something to do...and it may not be to your liking.

There are two times during a meeting when girls typically get into trouble. The first is when the meeting starts. Latecomers take you off task, and waiting for them to arrive causes the others to get antsy. You can use free Girl Scout coloring pages as a "sponge" activity to get the girls who have already arrived on task. Have the girls at the table with the crayons or markers and the page you have run off. Have your co-leader at the table talk about the page, which can be one for earning a petal and a springboard for your meeting.

If your troop meets after school like mine did so latecomers are not an issue, then you can use free Daisy coloring pages for those who finish early the craft or activity that you planned. Again, have your co-leader or parent volunteer sit with the girls to keep them focused.

Here are some websites to find your free Daisy Girl Scout coloring pages.

Coloring Book Fun


Making Friends (Superhero Girl Scout Law Coloring Pages)

Twisty Noodle

AZ Coloring

Best of Coloring


For Girls (from Girl Scout website)

Remember, if you are printing at a local store like Staples, save your receipt so you can be reimbursed. You might want to run off several meetings worth at a time to save yourself a trip. Girls who miss the meeting can be given the extra paper the next time she shows up.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to Earn the Daisy Girl Scout Money Counts Leaf

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The Financial Literacy leaves are easy to incorporate during Girl Scout Cookie season. Late fall, right before the holidays, is the perfect time to introduce them because advertisements on television, radio and online are all focused on what to buy for someone or what you want someone to buy for you during the upcoming holiday season.

The first leaf to introduce is the Daisy Girl Scout Money Counts leaf. Be prepared to see that young children are not money savvy, and for many, they have never handled coins or bills before. When I was growing up, candy could still be bought for a penny, candy bars for a nickel or a dime, and packs of Donny Osmond cards for 7 cents. When Staples used to have the penny sales a few years ago during the Back to School season, I took my children there to buy items with coins. There is little opportunity for children to do that today.

The point of this leaf is not to make this seem like school, but to introduce money in a fun way.  

Here are activities you can do to help your girls earn the Daisy Money Counts leaf.

How to Earn the Daisy Girl Scout Money Counts Leaf

Photo from Pixabay

Step 1 Understand Different Kinds of Coins

Before your meeting, you will have to decide whether you are using real coins or play money. Then put the same type and amount of coins in individual baggies for each girl so they can do the activity.

Sit in a circle and do not hand out the girls their individual bags of coins until you are ready to use them. Teacher tip: A child will not pay attention to you, but they will start playing with any object set in front of them.

Hold each coin and talk about it-what is it worth?  Whose picture is on it? Then hold one up at a time in random order and have the girls shout out which coin it is.

Hand out a bag to each girl and have them empty it in front of them.  Call out the name of a coin and have each child hold it up.  Then have them make a pattern based on the name of the coin you say. For example, "Lay out each coin as I say it. Penny, penny nickel, nickel, penny, penny, nickel, nickel: etc. Repeat a few times with different combinations. Collect the coins when done.

Another activity you can do with the bag of coins is to have the girls sort them. Place four paper or foam bowls in the center of the floor. Ask the girls to take turns and place whatever you call in the correct bowl. For example, "Place two pennies in the penny bowl."  The bowls can have a coin taped to the outside so the girls know which one to place it in.

A third thing you can do is have the girls examine each coin with a magnifying glass. Discuss how they are the same and different.

Step 2 Know More About Paper Money

When it comes to paper bills, I would use play money. This is an investment because there are activities you can do with them to teach the girls about money and giving change when they are older Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts.

Give each girl a play one dollar bill and talk about it. Repeat for the other bills. Then ask them how many one dollar bills equals a five dollar bill? A ten dollar bill? In teams, they can count the money together.

Step 3 Find Out the Cost of Fun

If you are going to be selling cookies, what are you going to do with the money you make? Many girls want to go to a fun place like Build-a-Bear or make your own pottery class. Of course, this costs money! Talk with them about planning such an activity at the end of the troop year. 

You can use your phone to look up the cost of the trip and break it down for the girls to see.'

In addition, you can ask them what things they like to do that do not cost money and see if you can incorporate some of them into a meeting. For example, going on a hike will cost nothing or playing at the park has not cost as well. Taking a craft class at the library or visiting the Fire House are two more free activities you can do with your troop.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Ultimate Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony Resource List for Daisy Leaders

There are many different ceremonies that are a part of Girl Scouting, and one of them is the Investiture. Simply stated, this ceremony is to welcome girls to the sisterhood of Girl Scouting. Many new Daisy troops hold one a few weeks into the genesis of their troop. Older girls welcome new scouts to their troop by having a Rededication/Investiture ceremony.

This is  very simple and should not be something to cause a brand new leader any kinds of stress. You can do this towards the end of a meeting or at the very beginning, your choice. It is done with parents so they can see their daughters begin their Girl Scout career.

Resources for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders for planning their Investiture ceremony. Simple and easy.

Photo from Pixabay

Hosting a Daisy Girl Scout Investiture ceremony should take place after meeting a few times simply because you do not know the girls all that well and they know very little, if anything, about being a Girl Scout. You get time to practice the Girl Scout Law and Girl Scout Promise and begin to gel as a unit. 

Before the ceremony, make sure you have purchased the Girl Scout Daisy and Girl Scout pins ahead of time. Girls should have purchased a yellow tab for this.

During the meeting before your ceremony, the girls can make a simple invitation. 

  • Blue Construction paper
  • Printed Daisy flower coloring page that fits on the front of the card
  • Ceremony details printed out to fit on the inside of the card
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
Have the girls color in the Daisy, cut it out and glue it to the front of the blue construction paper.  On the inside, have them glue the details that you have printed out.  For example, you can write:

Daisy Troop 12345
Invites you to their 
Investiture Ceremony
October 21, 2016

Here are some great resources for your short and simple ceremony.

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta have several different Daisy ceremonies.

Scouting Web has two short and simple ceremonies for leaders to use.

Girl Scouts of San Jacinto also have a simple ceremony idea for you.

Girl Scouts of North Carolina Pines also has resources.

Girl Scouts of Kentucky have a short and sweet ceremony.

Daisy Leader Garden is a blog post where a leader of kindergarten Daisy Scouts shares what she did. Not traditional, but her troop had fun!

Troop 2932's leader shares what she did with her Daisies.

Scouting Out Adventure is another leader's Investiture ceremony.

There are also many videos on YouTube featuring Daisy Investiture ceremonies. This will help those who are more visual.

Are you planning on having a Daisy Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony? Please share what you did and how it went!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Girl Scout Founder's Day 2016 Ideas for Daisies

I know that it is only September, but you are planning ahead for your meetings and not running around at the last minute trying to get everything done for this week's meeting, are you? (hint-you should not be!)

Girl Scouts really does make it easy for you to plan your calendar, since there are holidays for you to celebrate. The first one comes in the fall, which is Girl Scout Founder's Day on October 31st. This is the actual birthday of Juliette Gordon Low, who founded the movement in 1912 (you can read a brief history of her life in this article.)

Girl Scout Founder's Day Activities for Daisy Scouts

Photo from Pixabay

Here are some ideas for you to do with your Daisy troop as you celebrate the founder!

Make a Pearl Bracelet or Necklace

Share with the girls that in order for Juliette to start the very first Girl Scout troop, she had to sell her rare and expensive pearl necklace in order to fund it. Depending on how many volunteers you have, you can have the girls make their own "pearl" necklace or bracelet (necklaces will take longer to finish)

Before the meeting, prep the elastic by cutting it to the length you want and and tying a knot. You may also want to put a piece of scotch tape at the end so it is easier to thread.


White Pony Beads

Daisy Girl Scout Founder's Day craft idea-make a pearl necklace or bracelet.


Girl Scout Founder's Day craft supplies

Number Beads are optional. If you want to have the girls put their troop number on the jewelry, then have them organized in a baggy for each girl ahead of time.

Girl Scout Founder's Day craft ideas

Flower Beads are another option for the girls to put on their necklace or bracelet. There are 100 that come in this package, so you will want to hand these out to each girl in a baggie so no one hogs all of them.

Daisy Girl Scout bead craft for Founder's Day

Birthday in a Bag

This service project has become a classic. My troop did this several years ago and donated the bags to a food pantry located in our local high school that a student created years earlier.

You can read about the genesis of this project here at the official Girl Scout website.

If you want to do this with your troop, you will have to do three things before you meet.

First, find a food pantry that will take your bags.

Second, email the parents two weeks prior to ask for the items you need, which will be:
  • one box cake mix
  • one tub of icing
  • box of candles

With troop funds, purchase pretty paper napkins and plates. You can put 6-8 in each bag. Since this is not food, it does not have to be unopened.

Other materials you need:

White bags to decorate

The girls can make flowers from white muffin liners and glue them to the bag. Here are some images to spark your imagination.

Do you want some more ideas for celebrating Founder's Day with your Daisy troop?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Start Your Daisy Girl Scout Scrapbook Now

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Creating a Girl Scout scrapbook is an easy and worthwhile activity to do with your troop. With a little advanced planning, your girls can create an individual keepsake of their scouting years that will last a lifetime. While you can begin your troop's Girl Scout scrapbook at any time of the year, starting in the fall gives your girls a trip down memory lane that will make them smile at the end of the school year.

Making a Girl Scout scrapbook with your Daisy troop is an investment that will pay off down the road. My troop loves theirs and they are starting 8th grade!

Photo from Pixabay

Before you begin, have one leader in charge of taking the pictures, having them processed and separating them into a pile for each girl. Make sure whomever is the photographer gets enough notice to develop the film before your scrapbook meeting.

Another thing to note, as I learned from experience, is to make sure that your photographer gives you the receipts as she processes her film. It can cost quite a bit of money if she decides to have them printed just anywhere (and at the last minute) and does not look for sales and deals. As a matter of fact, I had to ask my troop parents for extra money at the end of the year because we ran out after all of the pictures were developed!

Twice a year, we devoted time to working on our scrapbooks. It is simply too overwhelming to do it all at one meeting. It was a tradition at our very last Girl Scout meeting before summer break to work on them. This always brought lots of giggles and grins were as they looked at their Daisy and Brownie pictures from just a few years ago. My troop is a group of young women who are in eigth grade; they are not little girls. Where did the time go?

Here is how we have scrapbooked through the years.

Get Volunteers!

When my troop was younger, I had two extra volunteers come to our scheduled scrapbook meetings.  This is really important because Daisy Scouts get scissor happy and cut way too much off a picture!  They also need help learning how to scrapbook.  More eyes means fewer mistakes!

The First Way to Make a Girl Scout Scrapbook

We Started Doing This Activity as Daisy Girl Scouts

The first Girl Scout scrapbook is to use a basic Avery view binder and page protector inserts. Avery binders come in an assortment of colors, so be sure to buy each girl the same one to prevent any arguments over who gets which one. I chose white to keep things simple.

For paper, I used cardstock that the girls decorate with stickers and markers, or themed paper I can find in Staples or craft stores. For example, we will do a scrapbooking meeting in late November. I make sure that I have bought all of the fall and Halloween stickers and paper at the beginning of the month, when stores are trying to get rid of these things. The same goes for the week after any major holiday.

These three rolls of flower stickers are good not just for Daisy Scouts, but as the girls get older and do some of the other badge work in Brownies and Juniors. Available on Amazon.

This was a very successful way for us to make our treasury of memories. With a three ring binder, I could buy top loading inserts by the 100 and the girls could keep adding to the binder as the years passed. When new girls joined my troop, I could easily purchase additional binders for them that were just like the ones the veteran members of my troop had.

Make a Choice

As the leader, you need to decide if your scrapbook will be done yearly, for every level, or if you will use the same one for all of your troop's years in scouting.

A Second Girl Scout Scrapbook Option-Ready Made Girl Scout Scrapbooks

If you want to buy a traditional scrapbook, there are options available for you. You can pick any solid color or go with a pattern or floral theme. Pick the same exact scrapbook for each girl to avoid any issues and have her put her picture on the front cover.

There are official Girl Scout scrapbooks for Brownies and one that just says "Girl Scouts". There are many Girl Scout supplies that you can buy that go along with it. I buy these as well as regular stickers so the girls can have a mix of both. 

Daisy leaders, the following is a helpful hint from my personal experience. When my troop was younger, before the scrapbooking meeting, I cut up the stickers and place them in plastic bags with each girl's name on it ahead of time. This prevented one girl from hogging one kind of sticker and it made each girl responsible for her own supplies. If she did not finish, she could bring the bag and the paper home to do on her own time so she was all caught up for our next session.

The Best Scrapbook Paper!

When I buy scrapbook paper for my troop for art projects, I get lost in all of the choices that I have! There are so many bright, bold and beautiful patterns. I do buy enough for each girl to have a piece. If we only need to cut out sections from a paper, then I buy three, one for each set of girls (I have eleven in my troop).

Scrapbook pads are also a great way to get a lot of paper for a minimal cost. You can start the girls off with blue themed paper as Daisies, then go to brown themed as Brownies, green as Juniors, etc. Here are some great pads-my favorite is the one with the butterflies, as there are so many options!

Girl Scout Embellishments

When my troop has scrapbooking meetings, I use a variety of stickers. While I do buy some at the end of the season and even from the Dollar Store, I always have a few sets of special Girl Scout themed stickers. I believe these are important to include because this is not a scrapbook of a vacation, a field trip or a birthday is a Girl Scout scrapbook! No matter which style of scrapbook you do with your girls, the following paper rub-ons, stickers and other official Girl Scout embellishments will add a touch of class to your album!


Are you planning on making a Girl Scout scrapbook with your troop?