Saturday, June 15, 2019

6 Fun and Easy Girl Scout Summer Meeting Ideas

Just about everywhere, school is out for summer. For some leaders, this means an end to regular meetings until school is back in session. For other leaders, they will continue to meet as scheduled or at least once a month for outings.

There are pros and cons to meeting over the summer. 

The Pros

  • Keeping the scouting momentum up
  • Keeping the sisterhood of Girl Scout going during the summer months
  • More laid back feel to meetings
  • You can meet outdoors
  • Meeting times can be more flexible during the less hectic summer months
The Cons

  • No break for the leader-she still has to plan
  • Dealing with different schedules if a girl misses a meeting
  • Parents upset if a girl misses a fun meeting/outing due to vacation or other conflict

6 Fun and Easy Girl Scout Daisy Summer Meeting Ideas

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There is no right way or wrong way to meet. When my troop was younger, I personally needed the summer break as I was in charge of everything. As a teacher, my summers were my down time to work more at home, get things organized, and quite frankly, recharge my batteries. By taking off each summer, I was more eager to return for Back to Troop.

Now that they are older and busy 11th grade high school Ambassadors (as of Monday when 10th grade ends!), we have had summer meetings since the girls are less busy. We actually enjoy our summer time more because there are no outside distractions, like homework, sports, or after school clubs. Even with summer jobs, the girls have their evenings free to meet.

If you planning on meeting this summer, here are six ideas for you to use.

3 Summer Meeting Ideas for Daisy Scouts

3 Fun Ideas for Informal Summer Meetings

You can also use your Council's website to see what is offered on their summer schedule. If girls can attend, great! If not, there is no lost time planning on your part.

Do you meet over the summer? What will you be doing?