Monday, November 18, 2019

5 Easy and Fun Ideas for A December Daisy Troop Party

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It's that time of year where the Girl Scout forums and Facebook pages are getting a little heated about the upcoming holiday season. There are three viewpoints on this matter:

1. We are going to celebrate Christmas and do Christmas activities even though everyone in our troop does not celebrate the holiday.

2. We do not celebrate any December holiday because that is not inclusive to those who do not celebrate any holiday this month.

3. Everyone in our troop celebrates Christmas so we do it as a troop...what is the big deal?

I covered this topic in depth in this blog post. Bottom line for me...there should be no specific holiday celebration of any kind if it means that a single girl in your troop will be left out. Girls Scouts is inclusive...that was the intent of the founder, Juliette Gordon Low.

5 Easy and Fun Ideas for A December Daisy Troop Party

Image created by the author on Canva

So what can a Daisy Girl Scout leader do with her troop that will make a December meeting fun and meaningful? Of course, you can do many different service projects with your troop, so your girls learn that there are others in this world who need a helping hand. Young children are compassionate, and this is one way to plug into this.

Here are some fun ideas for you to have an inclusive December meeting.

Make a Sock Snowman

Everyone has extra socks lying around with no mate. Use these for a fun winter decoration that does not have to go back in the box once the December holidays are over. 

Here are the directions, which includes a video, on how to make a tube sock snowman.

Easy and Fun Ideas for A December Daisy Troop Party-Make a Sock Snowman

Photo from Pixabay

There are other versions of this craft and you can find the directions and videos here.

Make a Styrofoam Snowman

You can also make a snowman out of styrofoam balls. Directions for this craft can be found here.

There are plenty of snowman craft kits available if you are too busy to go out and buy all of the components for these snowman crafts.

Edible Snowman Crafts

Don't the cookies in the photo look delicious? You can make your own edible snowman for the girls to eat at the party and also to give as gifts.

Make edible snowman crafts for your Girl Scout Winter Party

Photo from Pixabay

If you do not have access to an oven, then you can bake snowman shaped cookies at home and decorate them at your meeting.

There are all kinds of cookie decorations-sprinkles, sugars, and more-that you can use to make these cookies shine!

Gift Exchanges

I am not a fan of gift exchanges, as I explained in this blog post from a few years ago. However, one thing I have read about on the Girl Scouts Gab Facebook page was a Sock Exchange. Each girl brings in a cute, inexpensive pair of non-holiday socks and they can pull it from a grab bag. The girls can also bring in an extra pair of socks to be donated to a nursing home or homeless shelter.

One troop leader mentioned that the girls filled the sock with small items like candy. I would only be concerned with food allergies is you decide to do this.

The same ideas can be done for books-make sure they are not holiday themed or based on a particular movie or television character. An extra book can be donated to a children's hospital or local preschool.

Marshmallow Games to Play

Marshmallows are a sweet and inexpensive treat to use for games. They do not leave a big mess and the girls are sure to want to eat them when the games are over.

One game to play is to see how many marshmallows the girls can stack in a set amount of time. Start with a longer time like 60 seconds and then shorten them as the next round progresses.

There are lots of fun games your Girl Scout troop can play with marshmallows.

Photo from Pixabay

Another game to play that I used to do with my children's class parties is to tie a piece of yarn around a marshmallow. Divide the girls into teams of two each. One girl swings the marshmallow towards the other girl and she tries to catch it in her mouth. After she does, then the girls switch and the other girl gets to try to eat it.

Using mini marshmallows and chopsticks, you can have the girls play this Minute to Win It game

Here is another game that uses mini marshmallows, straws and paper cups. 

Host a New Year's Eve Party 

For younger children, New Year's Eve is a time that many grown ups get dressed and leave the house for a fancy party. I remember being left with a babysitter on this special night when I was a child.

Have a New Year's Eve party with your Girl Scout troop during your meeting

You can host a child-centric New Year's Eve party for your troop. This article has lots of ideas that you can use to get the party started.

December is a wonderful time to host a party for a meeting...just make sure you are being considerate and caring and inclusive with all the girls in your troop.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Winter Craft Kits for Girl Scout Daisies

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One way your troop and just celebrate the season. You do not want the girls in your troop who do not celebrate Christmas to feel left out or uncomfortable if you make everything about Christmas.

Easy Winter Crafts for your Girl Scout meetings

If you have a mixed religious group of girls, then making ornaments is out. However, making crafts with snowmen and snowflakes that celebrate newly arrived winter season, which starts December 21st, is perfect for everyone. These items can be used as gifts for family members-you can add an additional craft of decorating white tissue paper and having the girls wrap it up for the gift recipient. Or the girls can keep them for themselves.  Put on the Frozen soundtrack, give the girls a treat of snowflake shaped cookies, have some coloring pages or easy games ready, and have an easy and relaxed meeting because you deserve it!

Here are some ready made craft kits for you to use with your troop. All of these kits are from Amazon and come 12 to a set.  If you are using one that requires a photo, then either take one of the girls to have cut an ready for your meeting or you can ask the parents for one two meetings in advance.  That way, you give yourself the cushion of time and can also take a picture to print out in case the child does not come in with one to use. 

Magic Scratch Snowman Kit

Magic Scratch Snowman Kit is perfect for your Girl Scout meeting

This comes with 24 ready to use snowmen. While they are advertised as ornaments, these snowmen can be hung anywhere.

Smile Face Snowman Picture Frame
Smile Face Snowman Picture Frame

For this craft, you need to have a picture taken beforehand for the frame. 
This craft kit makes 12 frames.

Winter Owl Magnet Kit

Fun Girl Scout Winter Craft-Owl Magnets

These adorable winter owls are magnets. It comes in a set of 12.

Snowman Glitter Mosaic Craft Kit

Glitter Snowman Craft Kit for your winter Girl Scout meeting

This sparkling mosaic craft kit is a wonderful activity for those snowy, cold winter days! Easy for little fingers to construct, these signs are a cute way to decorate for Christmas and make a fantastic classroom project. Deck the walls - and the door - in glittering snowmen! Includes self-adhesive foam pieces and satin cord. Makes 12. 

Winter Wishes Craft Box

Winter Wishes craft box for your Girl Scout meeting

Decorate your own holiday box this Christmas with this festive Winter Wishes Boxes Craft Kit. The perfect addition to your craft supplies, each craft kit includes self-adhesive foam pieces. Papier-mâché. 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" Use wrapped candy only. All craft kit pieces are pre-packaged for individual use. Kits include instructions. Makes 12.

Beaded Snowflake Charm Bracelet

Beaded snowflake charm bracelet for your Girl Scout winter meeting

This beaded snowman charm bracelet craft kit makes a fun project for frosty winter days. Includes plastic beads and enamel charms on a 12" stretchy cord. All craft kit pieces are pre-packaged for individual use. Kits include instructions and extra pieces.

Winter Snow Globe Necklace Kit

Winter Snowglobe Necklace craft kit

A wonderfully wintery addition to holiday crafts for kids, these necklaces come with a charm that looks like a mini snow globe with a smiling snowman inside. Includes 2" plastic globe, foam pieces and a nylon breakaway cord. 30" Makes 12. All craft kit pieces are pre-packaged for individual use. Kits include instructions.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Thanksgiving Craft Kits for Daisy Girl Scouts

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As you wrap up your Girl Scout Founder's Day celebrations and head into the busy holiday season, we enter a time where we focus on what we are thankful for. As the leader, you will want to be focusing on both the fun part of the season, as well as helping others who may not be as fortunate.

Easy Thanksgiving crafts for busy Girl Scout leaders

Photo from Pixabay

Of course, you are also more than likely very busy with your own celebrations and preparations. One way to make your Thanksgiving meeting plans go more smoothly is with ready made Thanksgiving craft kits. Most of these are individually packaged and ready to use. Combine these with making cards for the holiday and reading a Thanksgiving story, you have an easy meeting with very little prep work necessary.

Here are some fun Thanksgiving craft kits for you to do with your troop.

Thanksgiving craft kits for Girl Scouts

Fun fall craft kit for Daisy Scouts