Saturday, March 29, 2014

What Can Daisy Girl Scouts Do for Earth Day?

Updated October 2019

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With spring in full bloom, it is time to think about the Earth on which we live. In elementary schools, there are plenty of Earth Day activities that your girls will be participating.

Should you, as the leader, have your troop participate in this celebration?

Of course you should!

Part of the Girl Scout Promise is to make the world a better place.  We need to be considerate and caring of our planet and responsible for what we say and do.

All of this make Earth Day a perfect theme for a meeting!

Here are some links to give you ideas:

For Girls-3 Things You can Do for Earth Day from the GSUSA

Crafts for Earth Day from

Great Pinterest Board about Girl Scouts and Earth Day

You will also want to check out your local Council website to see what they have planned.  It may make for a great field trip!

Monday, March 24, 2014

4 Easy Ways Your Troop Can Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout


One of the aspects of Girl Scouts is sisterhood.  We are all sisters to every Girl Scout in the world.  Most importantly, young children need to be taught to be kind and respectful to the others in their troop.  After all, they may be together for years and years!

4 different meeting ideas for your troop to earn the Violet Daisy Petal

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Activities for earning the violet Daisy petal, Be a 
Sister to Every Girl Scout does not need to be expensive or time consuming.  It just has to be fun!

This Daisy petal activity has the girls in your troop becoming secret sisters, and then ending with a fun craft that will become a memento of this petal. Girls this age love to craft, so it will be successful.

Another Violet petal activity is one I created on the spur of the moment before we had our first meeting for our second year of Daisies.  This is called the Daisy Chain of Friendship and it only requires computer paper or white construction paper, magic markers, and a stapler for each adult.  This can be done at any time during the Daisy year, but I do think it is a fun one to visually foster sisterhood.

Your troop can make a Swap for a sister troop to earn this petal.

Another activity is to make a troop craft that is only for the girls in your troop. You can find directions here on how to do that.

What activities have you done to earn the Violet Daisy petal, Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Free Printable Girl Scout Bridging Certificates

Updated October 2019

If your girls are bridging, you are going to want to hand them a certificate as they cross over.

Here are some free printable ones for you to use!

Free Printable Certificates has tons of Girl Scout printables for you to use.

If you have any others that you have found, please share!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Are You Bridging from Daisies to Brownies? Time to Get Prepared!

Updated October 2019
Daisy to Brownie Girl Scout Bridging Ideas

If you are a second year Daisy troop, then your girls will be bridging to Brownies. This is an exciting time for the girls, as they are moving up!  It really is a big deal, and in order to have a wonderful Daisy to Brownie bridging ceremony. you will have to start preparing.

First, pick a date. The best time will be your regular meeting, as the parents have already cleared that off their calendar.  Give them advance notice so if they work full time or need to get additional child care, it can be easily arranged.

Once you have the date, then it is time to plan!

Here are some resources for you to use.

Girl Scout Bridging Ceremonies for All Levels

The Ultimate Daisy to Brownie Bridging Ceremony Guide

Here are some YouTube videos to give you additional ideas:


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts of the USA!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish the Girl Scouts of the USA a very happy 102nd birthday! Make it a great day!

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Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Earn the Rose Daisy Petal-Make the World a Better Place

Updated October 2019

One of my favorite petals to earn when my troop was a bunch of Daisies was to do this activity for the rose Daisy petal.  In fact, we were able to earn three petals with this activity.

Here is a link to the article on How to Earn the Rose Daisy Petal-Make the World a Better Place.

How to Earn the Rose Daisy PetalMake the World a Better Place

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For animal lovers, here is an easy birdfeeder craft for your girls to do.

How Do Girl Scout Daisies Split the Cookie Profits?

Updated October 2019

There are several hot discussions on Facebook pages and Girl Scout forums that I read.  Now that cookie season is over, the big debate is how to divide the profits from the Girl Scout cookie sales.

There seems to be a Solomon like you exclude girls from activities or make their parents pay because they did not participate in cookie sales or sold very few boxes?  Is it fair to have these girls ride the coattails of the others who worked the booths and/or went door-to-door or had parental help from social media and at the office?

While the debate was long and continuous on Girl Scout Moms on and on the Facebook page Girl Scout Leader, the correct answer is this...

How Do Girl Scout Daisies Split the Cookie Profits?

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Cookie money is troop money, not the individual girl's money.  If Sally sold 100 boxes and Lena sold 10, the profits that go to the troop are divided equally, as if each child sold the same amount.

You cannot cry "Not Fair!", as these are the rules that the Girl Scout of the USA have laid out. Individual girls, once they become Cadettes, can have individual accounts to pay for larger things, but for Daisy Scout, Brownies and Juniors, there can be no such thing.

If you tell parents they have to pony up the dough to make up the difference in what an event costs because their daughter did not sell "X" amount of cookies (and quotas are a no-no, too), they can report you to Council.

And you can get in trouble for this. 

Is it worth it for a few dollars?

As an older mom who has been around the Mommy block before, life will throw you lots of things like this.  I volunteer and make my leader time as stress free as possible.  Like Princess Elsa, I learned to "let it go" on so many things. This is such a minor problem in the game of life...seriously. Wait until your Daisy Scout is in middle school or high school and you will see that stressing over cookie profits was a waste of your time and energy.

Do not discuss what each girl has sold and you will encourage your girls towards troop goals.

For more on this matter, you can read a more detailed blog post here on my other Girl Scout leader blog.

How did your cookie sales go this year?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring is Around the Corner-Time to Plan an Outdoor Field Trip!

Updated October 2019

Hopefully, the weather in your area is turning warmer if you are in a cold winter climate like I am.  With visions of being outdoors dancing in my head, it was always time to plan a spring field trip!

Your troop bank account probably does not have a ton of cash in it, but that does not mean you cannot go anywhere-there is plenty that you can do for free!

Daisy Girl Scout field trips
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Do you have a nature or hiking trail nearby? That costs nothing!

Is there an awesome local playground where the girls can play and have a picnic?

Is there a track at a local school or a soccer field where the girls can work on their "Respect Myself and Others" petal by exercising and doing healthy activities?

Is there an outdoor clean-up effort where your girls can help?

Can you go to the fire station and get a tour outside and go inside the trucks?

Together with your co-leader,pick a date and start getting those permission slips and field trip approval number ready!

This blog post shares many free field trips for Girl Scout troops to take.