Monday, August 7, 2017

Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout Create Sisterhood Jewelry

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A part of creating a brand new Daisy troop is to create a sisterhood among the girls. This is especially true if you have a group that comes from different area schools. You need something that unites them as a troop. That is where the earning the Violet Daisy petal, be a sister to every Girl Scout, comes in.

How to Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

Doing a craft that everyone in the troop will have, and can wear or bring to every meeting identifies the girls in the troop when they are in school. It can be a part of their uniform!

Beading is an easy craft for girls to do. It promotes fine motor skills and most girls this age enjoy doing something like this. You can create a troop necklace, bracelet or keychain that every girl can go home with.


Letter Beads
Pony Beads

S&S Worldwide is great place to buy your beads because they sell each letter individually. No more leftover beads! You can create something that says "Troop _____" (add your number). 

Create a troop project with individual letter and number beads

Individual Number Beads for Girl Scout Beading Projects

Add a bag of pony beads to be used as spacers, put it on blue gimp  and you have an easy craft for your troop to do!

Girls can wear their troop jewelry any time and others will know that they are happy and proud to be a Girl Scout!

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