Monday, October 19, 2015

How to Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

There is a sisterhood among Girl Scouts, and here is an activity to foster this and earn your troop the violet Daisy petal, be a sister to every Girl Scout. The Girl Scouts have been around for one hundred years, and core to the value system is that scouts should respect and be kind to each other.

How to Earn the Violet Daisy petal be a sister to every Girl Scout
Earning the violet Daisy petal can be done locally with another troop. Contact your person on your Service Unit who is in charge of Daisy Girl Scouts. Ask if she can send a mass email out to all of the Daisy leaders and to see if any are interested in becoming pen pals. One of the benefits of having a local pen pal troop is that at the end of the year, you can meet at a local park and meet each other! It would be a great end of the year field trip.
Once you have found a local sister troop, you can work on the petal at your next meeting. Since most kindergarteners and many young first graders cannot write well, you will need extra volunteers to help transcribe the letter. Or you can get an older junior troop to help you with this activity (another great way to e a sister to every Girl Scout!)
At the start of the meeting, talk about what it means to be a sister to every Girl Scout. Obviously, the Girl Scout founders were not talking about your relatives. What did they mean?
Also ask the girls if they know what a pen pal is. These days, most will not. Tell them that they are going to be pen pals with a “sister” Daisy Girl Scout troop in town. Discuss what they can write about themselves and then the volunteers will write it for them. They can draw a picture to include with the letter.
Once the letter is done, the girls can make a simple Swap. A Swap is a Girl Scout tradition that goes back many years. Troops make a little craft to give to a sister scout. The Swap can be a beading project like this one.

Girls can make a Swap with the numbers of their troop on it.

Easy bead Girl Scout Swap
This set of beads from Amazon contains 36 of each number from 0-9, as well as the # symbol so popular today.

Add one or two green pony beads at either end.

Be a sister to every Girl Scout
These extra large safety pins will hold the beads.

Collect the letters and swaps and trade with your “sister” leader at the next volunteer meeting. Make sure her girls have their ready for you, or your troop might be disappointed. Depending on how often your troop meets, you can do this activity a few times before meeting. Even just making a simple swap to exchange is enough.
This activity for earning the violet Daisy petal, be a sister to every Girl Scout, can be continued for the rest of the year or for years to come.

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