Friday, November 14, 2014

Winter and Snowman Craft Kits for Daisy Scouts

Even though it is only November, it is time to think ahead for your December meetings.  With the holiday season in full swing, the last thing you will want to be doing is planning your Daisy meeting at the last minute. Decorating, shopping, parties and taking care of any other family, job and volunteer responsibilities are taking center stage.

One way to have a fun and easy Daisy meeting during this exciting time of year is to have a "Winter Party".  You can call it a Christmas Party if everyone in your troop celebrates the holiday, but if not, then be fair and kind to all the girls in your troop and just celebrate the season.  You do not want the girls in your troop who do not celebrate Christmas to feel left out or uncomfortable if you make everything about Christmas.

If you have a mixed religious group of girls, then making ornaments is out. However, making crafts with snowmen and snowflakes that celebrate newly arrived winter season, which starts December 21st, is perfect for everyone.  These items can be used as gifts for family members-you can add an additional craft of decorating white tissue paper and having the girls wrap it up for the gift recipient. Or the girls can keep them for themselves.  Put on the Frozen soundtrack, give the girls a treat of snowflake shaped cookies, have some coloring pages or easy games ready, and have an easy and relaxed meeting because you deserve it!

Here are some ready made craft kits for you to use with your troop. All of these kits are from Amazon and come 12 to a set.  If you are using one that requires a photo, then either take one of the girls to have cut an ready for your meeting or you can ask the parents for one two meetings in advance.  That way, you give yourself the cushion of time and can also take a picture to print out in case the child does not come in with one to use. 

Girl Scout winter craft kits 

Girl Scout winter craft kits 


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