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The Ultimate Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony Resource List for Daisy Leaders

There are many different ceremonies that are a part of Girl Scouting, and one of them is the Investiture. Simply stated, this ceremony is to welcome girls to the sisterhood of Girl Scouting. Many new Daisy troops hold one a few weeks into the genesis of their troop. Older girls welcome new scouts to their troop by having a Rededication/Investiture ceremony.

This is  very simple and should not be something to cause a brand new leader any kinds of stress. You can do this towards the end of a meeting or at the very beginning, your choice. It is done with parents so they can see their daughters begin their Girl Scout career.

Resources for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders for planning their Investiture ceremony. Simple and easy.

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Hosting a Daisy Girl Scout Investiture ceremony should take place after meeting a few times simply because you do not know the girls all that well and they know very little, if anything, about being a Girl Scout. You get time to practice the Girl Scout Law and Girl Scout Promise and begin to gel as a unit. 

Before the ceremony, make sure you have purchased the Girl Scout Daisy and Girl Scout pins ahead of time. Girls should have purchased a yellow tab for this.

During the meeting before your ceremony, the girls can make a simple invitation. 

  • Blue Construction paper
  • Printed Daisy flower coloring page that fits on the front of the card
  • Ceremony details printed out to fit on the inside of the card
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
Have the girls color in the Daisy, cut it out and glue it to the front of the blue construction paper.  On the inside, have them glue the details that you have printed out.  For example, you can write:

Daisy Troop 12345
Invites you to their 
Investiture Ceremony
October 21, 2016

Here are some great resources for your short and simple ceremony.

Scouting Web has two short and simple ceremonies for leaders to use.

Girl Scouts of San Jacinto also have a simple ceremony idea for you.

Girl Scouts of North Carolina Pines also has resources.

Girl Scouts of Kentucky have a short and sweet ceremony.

Daisy Leader Garden is a blog post where a leader of kindergarten Daisy Scouts shares what she did. Not traditional, but her troop had fun!

Troop 2932's leader shares what she did with her Daisies.

Scouting Out Adventure is another leader's Investiture ceremony.

There are also many videos on YouTube featuring Daisy Investiture ceremonies. This will help those who are more visual.

Are you planning on having a Daisy Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony? Please share what you did and how it went!

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