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How to Earn Four Daisy Petals With One Girl Scout Cookie Carton

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Are you a first year Daisy Scout leader who has just started a troop this year and your girls are first graders?  If you are, then you only have one year for your girls to learn about and earn all of the Daisy petals. Doing this is important since earning Daisy petals are the foundation for all of the scouting years ahead.

I know that many new leaders wonder if you can earn more than one Daisy petal at a meeting. While it is ideal to only do one per session so that the concepts are taught on their own, the reality is that time is short if you meet twice a month during the school year and you only have one year to earn the petals. Therefore, it is certainly acceptable for you to earn more than one Daisy petal at a meeting. There are no Girl Scout police looking over your shoulder to reprimand you if you do. Besides, you are a volunteer. If anyone did say something to you, you need to tell that person that you are a volunteer and will do things for your troop the way you see fit. (and the earlier you do this the better!)
How to Earn Four Daisy Petals With One Girl Scout Cookie Carton

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You can create your own community service project with one Girl Scout cookie carton. If you do this project, you can earn four petals:
Green-Use Resources Wisely
Spring Green-Considerate and Caring

Rose-Make the World a Better Place
As the leader, you need to research organizations that can use items to be donated. This will determine what goes inside the boxes.

Some ideas are:
Animal shelter-Old towels, paper towels, pet food
Food bank-Canned and boxed goods
Woman's shelter-Children's clothes, toys, personal care items
Preschool or library programs-Items that they recycle to use as crafts, such as paper towel tubes, empty water bottles, cleaned out margarine tubes 

You will also need to have a place to have these boxes to collect the donations, like a parent's office or the school or church/synagogue where you meet. 
Once you have selected an organization, you will need to send out an email to parents letting them know in advance about the upcoming project. This will give them time to let them save the items you are collecting, as well as letting others now about the troop project and see if they are willing to participate.
The next thing you need to determine is will each girl make her own carton or will two girls make a carton. That will determine how much you need to collect. When my girls were Daisy Scouts, I had twelve children in my troop; there is a big difference filling six boxes as opposed to twelve!
You can cover the outside with plain white wrapping paper for the girls to decorate with pictures and stickers that relate to the organization (us animal stickers for animal shelter donations). Or the girls can glue scraps of paper to the boxes for a collage effect. The ways to do this are only limited by your imagination!
The box should have some kind of recognition of the organization you are assisting and what you are collecting. For example, run off the logo and make sure it appears on the front side of the box.

Bulletin board letters like these can be used as tracers or used themselves to decorate the outside of the box.
At your meeting, discuss with the girls why you are doing this project and ask for ideas from them on how they can help. This part gives them ownership and makes them feel more responsible, a big part of being a Girl Scout.
After the boxes have been decorated, have the girls take them home so parents can bring them to the collection spot.
Arrange for a time that some or all of the girls can help deliver the boxes of donations. By doing this step, the girls can see with their own eyes how their actions are helping others.
For leaders who are short on time for earning Daisy petals, earning multiple petals in one meeting is a way to accomplish your troop goals.

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