Monday, August 10, 2015

First Daisy Girl Scout Meeting Idea-Girls Help Make the Kaper Chart

Planning your first Daisy meeting will fill you with excitement-and to be honest, a bit of nerves. Even though I have been teaching since 1987, even now as I begin a new school year, I get butterflies. I want to be able to connect with my students so we all can get the best from our time together.

By Ed Westcott [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the things I do to alleviate those nerves is to plan. Being organized has been key to my success as a teacher and as a leader. Think about it…if you have no idea what you are doing or are running around at the very last minute trying to put your meeting together, the stress will be evident to the girls. Having all of your ideas, materials and thoughts organized will make your meeting go smoother and it will soothe your nerves as well.

If you are planning on using a kaper chart right away, then you will want to discuss what this is and why you have one at your first meeting. 

If you like this idea, email the girls' parents before you meet to bring in a face picture of their daughter that you will be using for this craft activity. 

Materials for This Craft

Wooden craft stick dolls
Picture of each girl-face only

Use a picture of each girl to glue on the face and then color and decorate the rest of the figure with markers or glitter glue/paint.

This set of 50 wooden stick people has 50 to a package, leaving you many extra to use for other projects to use as new girls are added to your troop. It would even be fun to collect these at the end of the year and store in a box, and then make a new one at the beginning of the next scouting year. When the girls are older, you can give them as a gift in a decorated jar when they bridge. 

Or you can have the girls place them on the first page of their Girl Scout scrapbook as the start page for the new year.

First have the girls color in the body. They can write their name on the bottom of the stick, as well as the year. Once all of the coloring is done, glue the face on.

Keep these in a plastic baggie that you can attach to the kaper chart of keep in your leader bag.

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