Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why Games for Girl Scouts is a Book Every Leader Must Have

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Games for Girl Scouts is a book every leader must have.  In order to have successful meetings with your troop, you’ll have to be good at time management.  There will be occasions when you have ten or fifteen extra minutes left over at the end of your meeting.  Other times, you may want to play some games to help you earn a badge. For both of these occasions, this book will comes in handy.

Games for Girl Scouts is an investment for the leader. For only a few dollars, this book will become part of your Girl Scout leader bag of tricks. There is no need to spend hours searching the internet to find activities your girls when you have a short amount of time.  Everything you need is here.

Every Girl Scout Leader Needs Games for Girl Scouts-A Book That Will Grow With Your Troop.

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This book is for all levels and it will grow with you as your troop matures.  This simpler activities that you would play with Daisy Girl Scouts will evolve into the more complicated games that Juniors and older girls can do independently.

The book is divided into 10 different chapters:

Chapter 1 Getting Started (how to use the book)

Chapter 2 Getting to Know You Games (great for the beginning of the troop year or when a new girl joins)

Chapter 3 Quiet Games for Indoors or Outdoors 

Chapter 4 Active Games for Indoors and Outdoors 

Chapter 5 Relay Games

Chapter 6 To-and-Fro and Inbetween

Chapter 7 Simple Games to Make and Play

Chapter 8 Girl Scout Lore and Skills (traditions)

Chapter 9 Nature Awareness Games

Chapter 10 Wide Games and Special Events

Each chapter is divided into several subtopics.  Under each of these subtopics are many games from which to choose.  

Next to the name of each activity there are symbols. The symbols will tell you whether the activity can be played indoors or outdoors (or both), whether it is for a small group or a large group, and what age group it would be appropriate for.  There is even a symbol to tell you if the game is international in its origin.  International games are perfect to help celebrate World Thinking Day or earn badges and patches.

This is a must have book for Girl Scout leaders of all levels.

In this guide, you are told exactly what materials you need so you can easily prepare for your meeting.  Most of the things you will need are already around your house or are inexpensive to buy. Leaders are given clear and concise directions for each game.  In addition, there are drawings for games that need further illustration, and there is even music for those activities that involve scouting songs.

In the back of the book, there is a list of resources for leaders and for children.  The index is divided not only alphabetically, but also using the symbols of who the games are good for.

Games for Girl Scouts is a must-have book for all Girl Scout leaders.  The information and activities in this book will take you through all of your years as you manage your troop.

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