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Summer Olympics Party Idea for Daisy Girl Scout Troops Who Are Not Bridging

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The end of the scouting year is fast approaching, and if your troop is completing it's first year of Daisy Girl Scouts, then you will want to end the year on a high note. A party is just what you need to have to celebrate your accomplishments (you did it!) as a troop.

If you do plan on a big end-of-year bash, then make sure that you have enough volunteers lined up to make it a success.

One idea I wrote about last year was to host a Daisy Girl Scout tea party. You can find the party plans here in this blog post. With the 2016 Summer Olympics just around the corner, why not host an Olympic themed event for your troop?

Ideas for having an Olympics party for your Girl Scout meeting

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Olympics Party

This summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janerio. Why not host a Daisy Girl Scout Olympics for an active and spirited meeting?

Since the girls are going to be very active, make sure they come dressed appropriately with shorts, short sleeved shirts, hair tied back and sunscreen. If you plan on having any water games, have the girls wear a bathing suit under their clothing and a towel to dry off.

Opening Ceremony

Have the girls stand in a line as you or your co-leader runs to them with the Official Olympic themed music and an Olympic torch. Pass the torch down the line and at the end, the last girl will pretend to "light" the official fire. This fire can double as a table centerpiece for the party.

Girl Scout Olympic Games for an end of year party or summer meeting

Girl Scout Summer Meeting Ideas-Host an Olympics Event

Games to Play

Here is where the fun starts! Your co-leader and you will need to overplan the games to ensure that you do not run out of ideas. These games do not have to be complicated-quite the opposite. Make them fun and simple to execute so everyone will have a great time! You will need at least two teams for each game.

Here are just a few ideas.

Water Relay Races 

Since the weather is warm, why not have some water races? Have a bucket fill with water on one side and the girls have to use a measuring cup to scoop out the water, pass it down the line, and fill another bucket at the end of the line.

Another play on this idea is to use a very large sponge to soak up water and then wring out on the other side. The girl who wrings it out runs to the front of the line to put the sponge in the bucket to soak up the water.

A third option is to have the girls race with water balloons in their hands. They have to toss it to the next person in line once the race is complete. If the balloon drops, give the girl another one.

Hula Hoop Games

You will need a timer for each leader. Give one girl on each team a hula hoop and time her. Record the time. The team with the biggest amount of time actively using the hula hoop is the winner.

Line up Hula Hoops in a staggered line. Girls have to race through the hoops to the other side.

Ball and Throwing Games

Some of the Olympic games for Track and Field are based on throwing (javelin, discus). Why not do a few of your own for some games to show a girl's personal best?

You can toss a frisbee or a ball of any size. Place markers or measure where it lands. If the girls enjoy soccer, you can do some kicking games as well.

Awards Ceremony

Hand each girl a medal and then play the National Anthem like they do on television.

Food to Serve

There is no need to get fancy-the girls need something refreshing to eat. Have a Make Your Own Sundae bar and some Olympic themed cupcakes.

As a small party favor, these red, white and blue novelty sunglasses will be a big hit!

Girl Scout sujmmer meeting ideas-host an Olympics party with games. These sunglasses are a great novelty to hand out.

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