Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Have a Daisy Girl Scout Tea Party and Earn Daisy Petals

One of the many joys of being a Daisy Girl Scout leader is that the girls whom you lead are at such an adorable age.  Most girls love anything feminine, like dolls, crafts and dress up clothes. You can take advantage of this fun aspect of being a little girl and host a tea party with your troop!

This meeting can be a cumulation of earning Daisy petals such as:

Yellow-Friendly and Helpful
Spring Green-Considerate and Caring
Purple-Respect Myself and Others

Girls have to use their manners at a tea party, so these three petals tie in, so if you have not earned them already, you can apply them to what you do at this party.

Photo from Pixabay

If you want to make this an end of year party or do this in lieu of a December holiday party, then let the parents know ahead of time so they can be sure to attend and get childcare for other siblings.

At the meeting before your tea party, the girls can make this newspaper tea party hat.  Your co-leader and you can take them home and bring them to he next meeting. And you are also earning the green Daisy petal for "Use Resources Wisely".  Buy cheap plastic flowers from the Dollar Store so girls can put two or three on a hat.  Tulle is cheap to buy as well.

Your girls will be so excited for this meeting!  Remember to keep it simple and not overdo it-remember the party is for them, not you or the parents! Keep them involved in as many aspects as you can.

Before the meeting, you will need to buy some simple things to make the table sparkle.  A simple pink plastic tablecloth will do, as this will not absorb any spills that might happen and the color is just right for little girls. Splurge on some thematic paper plates and napkins like this:

Paper plates for a Daisy Girl Scout tea party 

Of course, a party needs tea cups, so why not invest on these plastic ones with lids so spills are not an issue!


Use these placemats to set the table right and give the girls something to do while they are waiting.
Girl Scout Daisy tea party place mats

Food to Serve

Since this is tea party for girls, little finger foods should be on the menu. Keep in mind food allergies and where you meet, and it is probably best to forgo the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Serve tiny cookies, fruit and vegetables-finger foods that kids love to eat. Remember, keep it fun and simple so you can enjoy it as well!

Platters should be passed around, and remind the girls to use their manners. 

A food and a craft that is fun is to have the girls decorate teapot shaped cookies that you baked ahead of time. Ice with white icing and sprinkle with pastel sugars or Daisy shaped sprinkles

A Fun Tea Party Craft

After the food has been eaten, the girls can use their manners to help clean up the table if you do not have another clean area to use. Otherwise, have the craft set up in another part of the room.

Again, simplicity is best.  Here are some tea party themed craft kits that come with everything you need. These will make a wonderful souvenir from the party in addition to the Tea Party Fun Patch that you can buy at your local Council Shop.


Don't forget to bring your camera and take lots of pictures for your Girl Scout scrapbook.  A Daisy Girl Scout tea party is a wonderful vent for you to have as one of your fun meetings.


  1. So cute! We are planning a tea party for our troop, and love the ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    1. My pleasure! I hope it is fun for your girls and you!