Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

One of the aspects of Girl Scouts is sisterhood.  We are all sisters to every Girl Scout in the world.  Most importantly, young children need to be taught to be kind and respectful to the others in their troop.  After all, they may be together for years and years!

how to earn the yellow Daisy petal
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Activities for earning the violet Daisy petal, Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout does not need to be expensive or time consuming.  It just has to be fun!

This Daisy petal activity has the girls in your troop becoming secret sisters, and then ending with a fun craft that will become a memento of this petal. Girls this age love to craft, so it will be successful.

Another Violet petal activity is one I created on the spur of the moment before we had our first meeting for our second year of Daisies.  This is called the Daisy Chain of Friendship and it only requires computer paper or white construction paper, magic markers, and a stapler for each adult.  This can be done at any time during the Daisy year, but I do think it is a fun one to visually foster sisterhood.

What activities have you done to earn the Violet Daisy petal, Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout?

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