Monday, December 7, 2020

Daisy Scout Dolls and Uniforms

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It's that time of year when you are looking for just the right gift for everyone on your list. If your daughter, granddaughter, cousin, niece or other special girl in your life is a Girl Scout Daisy, here is a fun gift idea that is sure to please.

Girl Scout Daisy Dolls and Uniforms make great gifts

Image from Pixabay and used by the author in Canva

Many girls this age love dolls. If your favorite Daisy Scout is one of those girls, then here are some 18 inch dolls and doll uniforms to give as a holiday gift.

18 Inch Girl Scout Daisy Doll With Uniform

18 inch Girl Scout Daisy Doll with Uniform makes a great gift

18 Inch Dolls

If you want to match your favorite scout's skin and hair, there are many choices in the 18 inch doll market.

An 18 inch doll is a great gift for Girl Scouts 

An 18 inch doll is a great gift for Girl Scouts 

Girl Scout Daisy Uniforms for 18 Inch Dolls

If the girl you are buying for already owns an 18 inch doll, then you can buy the Girl Scout Daisy uniform, as well as other levels of scouts, separately.

Girl Scout Daisy Uniform for an 18 inch doll makes a great gift 

Girl Scout uniforms for 18 inch dolls-Daisy, Brownie and Junior all in one set 

You can buy all three elementary school levels uniforms in one set.

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