Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to Earn the Blue Daisy Promise Center

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Updated October 2019

Before you earn any of the ten Daisy petals, it makes sense to earn the blue Daisy Promise Center.

Easy meeting plan on how your Daisy troop can earn the Blue Promise Center

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This should be your second meeting, as your first should have been devoted to meeting the parents and getting to low you ice breakers and activities.  Now that you have met once, it is time to get down to the business of learning about the Girl Scout Law.

Here is an easy and straightforward lesson plan on how to run this meeting.

After saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise and Law, gather the girls together on the floor so you can have a talk about what a promise is.  Ask them:

Has someone ever broken a promise to you?  How did it make you feel?

Do you make promises?  How do you try to keep them?


Pinkalicious Pinkie Promise book

Daisy petal outline run off on card stock for each girl (run off a few extras) Find it here at Twisty Noodle

Glitter watercolor paint

Blue construction paper


Plastic or styrofoam bowls for water

Paper plate to carry picture out at the end of the meeting

Finished product that you did at home so the girls can see what it should look like

Pinkilicious is a great book to read at this meeting as girls can relate to this character.

Then it is time to read Pinkilicious Pinkie Promise by Victoria Kahn.  Most girls will be familiar with the character, who is all about the color pink.  In this story, Pinkilicious borrows paint from her friend, Allison. When Allison asks her not to use it all up all the pink, Pinkilicious promises that she won’t.

Well, she not only used up all the pink, but also the red and white, which also make pink.

Pinkilicious apologizes, but Allison is very angry because she broke her promise.  Allison will not each lunch with her, so Pink paints her a blue picture in an attempt to make amends.  it works, and the two are best friends once again.

You can ask the girls if they think this was a good way to apologize and stress the importance of making amends if a promise is broken, even if it was done accidentally.

Now it is time for the activity.  While your were reading, your co-leader and parent volunteers should have set up the art area for the activity.  The girls are going to use watercolor paint (paint ties in with the story) to paint the Daisy petal. 

As they paint, talk about what colors to use, as well as the importance of sharing because of what happened in the story you just read. 

When each girl is done, staple or glue the picture to a piece of blue construction paper. Place it on a paper plate so it is stable and can be carried out at the end of the meeting.

If you find yourself with extra time, you can teach the girls some new Daisy Girl Scout songs!

Finish the meeting with the Friendship Squeeze and Friendship Song.


  1. Do you have a photo example of what the finished product is supposed to look like?

    1. Sorry, I do not. This was done a long time ago!