Monday, August 14, 2017

Easy Girl Scout Craft for Founder's Day

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I know it is still August, but you should be planning your fall meetings by now if you are getting ready for Back to Troop. With the busy-ness of back to school shopping for your family, last minute summer getaways, and getting what you need for sports and other after school activities, time will surprisingly sneak up on you.

Wouldn't you feel ready for your fall troop meetings if you have already planned them out and have the supplies ready to go?

For me, that is a resounding "yes"! I always had my yearly calendar laid out and the supplies I needed for the first few meetings ready to go. Since I am a teacher, summer is my prep time and fall is my most busy time work-wise. Having my Girl Scout meetings and outings planned for September and October made it so much easier on me both mentally and physically.

Easy Girl Scout Founder's Day Craft for Daisy and Brownie Scouts

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One of the core values of celebrating Girl Scout Founder's Day is to do a service project. It does not have to be elaborate, especially if you are leading Daisy Scouts. It should be fun and meaningful, as that is what Juliette would have wanted. 

Here is a cute craft for your troop to do and then give to others.

Easy Girl Scout Craft for Founder's Day

This Velvet Bug Tote Bag comes with 12 easy to color totes and it also includes the fabric markers.The bags measure 6" x 4.5". Directions for the activity can be found on the sales page under the "Activity Ideas" tab and are easy to download. In fact, when you download the sheet before you order, you will find a $10 off coupon for your purchase of $39 or more.

The time to do this craft is about 30 minutes.

After the girls have colored the tote in, have them fill it with sucking candies, Hershey Kisses, trial size hand lotions or hand sanitizer that you have purchased, and a note or picture wishing the person a wonderful day. These totes can be donated to a senior citizen home.

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