Monday, August 15, 2016

Girl Scout Kaper Chart Resources

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A Girl Scout Kaper Chart is one way for leaders to get the girls working together as a troop and develop positive self-help skills. When the girls are younger they will only be able to do certain tasks, but as the reigns of leadership get passed onto them year after year, they will be in charge of organizing the jobs they are required to do at each meeting.

(If you want to read about the different kinds of jobs girls can have, please read this blog post about Girl Scout Kaper charts)

Whether you are a new Daisy leader or are entering your second year, you will want to have a portable and easy to use and maintain chore chart. In fact, creating a Kaper chart makes an excellent first meeting idea, and you can read about it in this blog post.

Resources for Girl Scout leaders on how to create a Kaper chart

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If you do not want to spend time and effort creating the perfect kaper chart, you can buy a ready made chart and have it laminated. This way, you can change the jobs every meeting or two and use it year after year.

Use this easy to organize job chart to create a Girl Scout Kaper Chart that will last for years for your troop.

This Helper Chart comes with everything you need for troops with 12 or fewer girls. You can use the back of the card and a graphic that you print out yourself for jobs that are not listed here.

Kaper chart idea for Daisy Girl Scouts

Another option is to buy a job poster like this one. Cover the word "Class" with the words "Girl Scout" and then have it laminated. Use a dry erase marker to write the jobs and the names of the girls.

Purchase a large piece of poster board and decorate it with these adorable owls. This set comes with 34 owls and 10 moon pieces. Laminate them so that the jobs can be changed as the girls get older.

A Kaper chart is a Girl Scout tradition and a good way to start having the girls be responsible.

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