Monday, December 14, 2015

Order Your Free Dental Health Kit to Earn the Purple Daisy Petal Respect Myself and Others

How to earn the Daisy Girl Scout Purple Petal Respect Myself and Others

Photo from Pixabay

I know that you are knee deep into the holiday season, but I wanted to post this free dental health program for Girl Scout leaders. Once the New Year starts, it will be cookie season and you may not get to order this in time for your February meeting.

For those of you who do not know, February is Dental Health Month. This is the perfect time to earn the Purple Daisy Petal with program from Colgate. Good dental health is respecting yourself because you only get one set of adult teeth. Once you lose those, there is nothing left to chew with!

The Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Future kit is available to those who work with kindergarteners and first graders. You can fill out the form here.

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