Thursday, November 12, 2015

Winter Craft Kits for Girl Scouts

In a post from last year, I shared why your winter crafts should be non-denominational if you have a diverse group of girls in your troop. There are many wonderful winter crafts that you can do and everyone can be comfortable participating while creating them.

For some great craft kits like bracelets and frames that are still available, you can read this post.

Snowman craft kit for Girl Scout winter meetings and class winter parties.

Snow Cone Snowman Craft Kit (Makes 12)

Felt Snowman Pin Craft Kit (Makes 12)

Flower Pot Snowman Craft Kit Makes 12

Foam snowman craft kit makes 12

Foam Smile Face Snowman with Sunglasses Magnet Craft Kit - Makes 12

Snowflake bracelet craft kit for 12-perfect for Girl Scouts!

Beaded Snowman Charm Bracelet Craft Kit

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