Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One More Summer Activity Idea for Troops

Girl Scout meeting ideas for summer

Summer is here, school is out, and if you are one of those adventurous leaders who is meeting over the summer, here is another awesome idea for you to utilize.

Go to your Council's website and find out what THEY are offering during July and August!

This idea came to me via an email from my daughter's Cadette troop leader. There are some wonderful trips and events for the girls to do, all planned for leaders. All they have to do is register and pay (if there is a cost). Unfortunately, my daughter cannot go on the first planned trip because she will be in camp, but that is how things sometimes work out.

Because of vacation schedules and camps, many girls are busy during a Council sponsored outing. But that does not mean you cannot go on one if all cannot attend, especially if you are doing it loosey-goosey like my daughter's leader. Since our troop is entering it's eighth year, we have our vibe established and our philosophy is known.

Since we are still grateful to be an active troop at this stage of the scouting game, we go by the mantra: If you can come, great! If not, hopefully you can go on the next outing (which my daughter can attend, since she will not be at camp that week).

Use your Council's website to help plan your summer gatherings.

What has your Council have planned for the summer?

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