Monday, April 13, 2015

Daisy Girl Scout Party Ideas for Those Who Are Not Bridging

Daisy Girl Scout Party Ideas

Congratulations!  You are finally getting to the end of your first year of being a Daisy Girl Scout leader.  If you are not bridging from Daisy Girl Scouts to Brownie Girl Scouts because you are in your first year, there is no reason why you still cannot end your year on a high note with a celebration.

Think of all that you have accomplished.  First of all, you made it!  Do you remember how nervous you were after you signed up to be a leader?  Do you remember feeling overwhelmed at how you were going to do all of this?  

Look at you now!  You are a woman who can confidently take her troop on field trips (you know how to fill out those forms!), plan meetings (you finally got it all organized) and maybe you even participated in the Girl Scout cookie sale this winter.  
And look at your girls!  Some may have been shy at the first few meetings, others may have even had tears as her mommy left.  Maybe you learned how to calm your rambunctious Daisy. After one year, their vests have petals, maybe Journeys badges, and a vest full of Girl Scout fun patches.  Your entire Daisy journey can be seen on the girls’ vests!

It’s time to celebrate your accomplishments with a Daisy Girl Scout party!

Get Organized for Your Daisy Girl Scout Party

Your co-leader and you should plan on your last meeting of the year to have the party, as the girls already have that time slot blocked on their schedules.  If you choose a different date and time, then you not only risk having some of the girls not being able to attend due to scheduling conflicts, but there are also field trip forms that you will have to fill out. Avoid that extra thing to do and just have the Daisy Girl Scout party during your regularly scheduled meeting time.

Let your girls help plan the party by making invitations.  You can get free printable Girl Scout coloring pages online, print them out and have the girls color them in. On the back, you can print out the important information, like the date and time.

You will also have to decide what you want the girls to bring. As the leader, make it easy on yourself.  Create an email sign up list for the parents to respond to, or have them sign up before or after pick up.  List easy finger foods, such as cookies, carrots and dip, and pretzels, as well juice boxes and paper goods. (Sign up for the paper goods-it’s easy and since you are the leader, you deserve a break!)

Then send a mass email to everyone so that the parents know who is responsible for bringing what items.  It keeps everyone accountable.

If you want a smaller, simpler celebration, then your co-leader and you can use the troop funds to buy some snacks, paper goods and the craft materials. 

Party Crafts and Activities for Daisy Girl Scouts

Besides eating, you will want to keep the girls engaged in an activity.  You might want to do the craft first, and parents can be there to assist their daughter.  This will help you out, as well as keep the parents off their cell phones! When the craft is cleaned up, then the food can come out for all to enjoy.

Here are some ideas for Daisy Girl Scout crafts that are fun to do, age appropriate, and easy to clean up! 

Daisy Girl Scout craft kit

This Daisy charm bracelet is from Amazon. It comes in packaged sets and even has extra pieces. There are 12 to a set. You can find it here.

Tea party charm bracelet set is perfect for your tea party craft. It comes with enough to make 12 bracelets.
If you prefer to stay with the tea party theme, you can have your girls make this bracelet, There are 12 per set, You can find them on Amazon.

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