Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Activity to Earn the Orange Daisy Petal Responsible for What I Say and Do

Being responsible is a part of growing up. We are not doing our children a favor by doing everything for them. When I taught public school, year after year I was constantly amazed at how many children were not responsible for any chores around the house, not even making their own beds. While in my classroom, they enjoyed organizing, prepping and cleaning up. They thought it was fun!
Taking care of pets, setting the table for dinner, and making her own bed are chores that kindergarten and first grade Daisy Girl Scouts can easily do. Children love to be helpful, as it makes them feel more grown up. It also gives them a feeling of pride and accomplishment to say, "I did it myself!". Here is a lesson plan for helping your girls earn the orange Daisy petal "Responsible for What I Say and Do".

Get Volunteers!

Because you will be using permanent marker, you will need some help when the girls are using them for this activity. Find an adult volunteer or two or ask an older Girl Scout troop to assist you.

Materials You Will Need to Earn the Orange Daisy Petal

how to earn the orange Daisy petal with a chore chart
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Sharpie markers
Large craft sticks
Washi tape
Empty baby food jar for each girl
Extra volunteers
*If you think the girls will be too messy with permanent markers, have them bring smocks to the meeting. Bring extras for those who forget.
Optional: Book about being responsible, ribbon to tie around the jar if you feel like glamming it up a bit
Helpful Hint-Always do the craft ahead of time at home to iron any potential glitches that may occur that you did not think would happen.

The Lesson Plan

After you have recited the Pledge of Allegiance, the Girl Scout Law and the Girl Scout Promise, it is time to begin your meeting. You can ask the girls what the word responsible means. If you have access to a white board, you can use tally marks or numbers to keep track of the responses to the following questions.
Ask the girls if they have any pets and what chores they are responsible for their pets' care (walking the dog, putting out water for the cat, feeding the fish).
Then ask if they have to make their bed, set the table or clear the table.
Ask what else they are required to do at home.
Once you have all of the responses, talk about personal responsibility. Things like taking a bath or shower, brushing your teeth and hair, and eating right are all part of respecting ourselves and being responsible.
At this point, you can choose to read a book about responsibility or go right to the activity this mommy blogger came up with using washi tape and craft sticks.
Make sure that each girl has chores that she is actually responsible for and at least five to seven of them.

PS-You might enjoy doing this activity with your troop to earn the Orange Daisy petal!

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