Monday, February 10, 2014

How to Earn the Orange Daisy Petal-Responsible for What I Say and Do

The orange daisy petal stands for "Responsible for What I Say and Do". There are a myriad of activities that you can do with your girls to teach this concept to them.

One activity to get the point across is to start the meeting like you normally do.  Then ask the girls who has the things you need to get the meeting underway.  Of course, none of them will have it, as it is not their responsibility, but yours!  Ask the girls what would happen if you really showed up unprepared and you might be amused at the answers you get!

This is an easy and concrete way to demonstrate the concept of responsibility. Things cannot get done and assignments cannot be completed if someone shirks on their responsibilities.

how to earn the orange Daisy petal
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You can take this one step further by asking the following questions:

What would happen if the teacher did not brings her lesson plans to school?

What would happen if a police officer did not have her siren working?

What would happen if the fire truck had no hose?

What would happen if a store owner did not bring the keys to unlock the store?

What would happen if a baker forgot to buy the eggs he needed to make a cake for a child's birthday?

If you want to make it more personal and on their level, you could ask:

What happens if Mommy or Daddy does not do the laundry?

What would happen if no one went food shopping?

What would happen if you do not put all of the puzzle pieces away?

What happens if we forget to feed the cat or walk the dog?

Once you establish that everyone has responsibilities, then it is time for an activity.

Ask the girls what kinds of activities they are responsible for at home.  If you have a white board, list them there.

I found this adorable chore chart that you can download and print.  The girls do not need to fill in every line, but they should be able to fill in three or four!

Once that is filled it, mount it with glue sticks on orange 9 x 12 paper and have the girls decorate the border with these adorable Daisy stickers.   These can be used for many crafts throughout the year!

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You can send home one or two extra copies of the chore chart for parents to have on hand and print themselves.  They can staple it over the one that is mounted.

At the end of the meeting, ask the girls what they can do at their meetings to make sure that they are acting like responsible Daisy Scouts.