Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fun and Easy Craft for the End of the Year

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If you have decided not to meet over the summer, then you are winding down this month.  For my Junior troop, we are scrapbooking our Bronze Award and our Pump It Up field trip.

You may not have the time for a last minute trip, so here is an easy craft that you can make with your girls from geekydiva.

In her blog post, she suggests that you use this craft as part of the Daisy Investiture. While that is a worthwhile idea, I think it is a fun craft to use for Mother's Day or to share what the girls have enjoyed about this past year as a Daisy Scout.

If you do not have the cutting tool she used, then you can use this template from The girls can decorate it with Girl Scout memories that you have prepared for them.  For example, you can use Girl Scout stickers for one petal. If you visited the fire station, they can use a fire truck sticker and color the petal red.

There really is no shortage of ideas, as what you put on is as unique as your troop.

What are you doing for the last meeting of the year?

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