Friday, February 28, 2014

Cheap and Easy Daisy Crafts Using Muffin/Cupcake Liners

This blog post was inspired by a great find.  At the Michael's 80% off post-Valentine's Day craft sale, I scoured a basket full of muffin liners for 39 cents a piece. I bake a lot and I do not care what my liners look like-it what it holds that counts!

That got me to thinking about my Daisy Girl Scout leader days, when a walk into the craft store led me to the children's crafting department.  Now that my girls are fifth grade Juniors, I do not often think about easy crafts for Daisy Scouts.  

But my muffin stash had the wheels in my head turning.

I created a Pinterest board for easy muffin liner crafts.  As a Daisy leader, your bank account probably does not have  a lot in it, even if you sold some cookies.

easy Daisy Girl Scout craft

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Saint Patrick's Day is around the corner, and there will be clearance liners for that, too.  You can also use a coupon to buy a package of plain white liners. These crafts would make great Mother's Day projects or even a community service project to help earn the yellow Friendly and Helpful  or the spring green Daisy petal Considerate and Caring.

Crafts do not have to be complicated or expensive.  A little bit of savvy shopping and some ideas go a long way!

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