Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Earn the Yellow Daisy Petal

Earning Daisy petals, in my opinion, is one of the most important parts of your first year as a leader.  How else will anything you do later on make sense?  Until the Girl Scouts of America made Daisies a two year program, this is what the first year of scouting was all about.  

The yellow Daisy petal is one that is easy to do.  Here is an activity that your troop will enjoy.  

how to earn the yellow day petal lesson plan
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Pre-Meeting Prep Work

1.  Get Volunteers-how many depends on the size of your troop

2.  Buy and prep materials

3.  Do a practice activity before you meet!


Blue, white and yellow embroidery floss

Scotch tape-2 or 3 rolls

Snack sized baggies

Cut the embroidery floss to the same length, tie them together with a knot, and place inside the baggie.

The Meeting

Reading a picture book is a great way to launch a meeting.  One of my absolute favorite books are the George and Martha books by James Marshall. The stories are short and the illustrations are comical-perfect for the attention span!

Select any one or two of the stories and talk about the friendship between the two characters.  Neither one is perfect, and at the end. They are forgiven for the indiscretion and move forward.

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After the story is over, now it is time for the activity.

Have the girls gather around the table and give each one a bag of floss. Helpers will tape them to the table and assist the girls in braiding them. When they are done, they can tie a knot and place it on the girl’s wrist to wear.

Is someone finished early?  She can either be friendly and helpful and assist a sister scout or she can color in a Girl Scout coloring page.

That is just one way to earn the yellow Daisy petal, friendly and helpful!

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