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Welcome to Daisy Activities, a website devoted entirely to you, the Daisy Girl Scout leader.  I have been a leader since 2008, and I have been blogging about my experiences and helping other leaders since January 2010.  My Girl Scout blog covers all levels of Girl Scouts.

Over the years, it has been Daisy leaders who have emailed me the most questions.  As women who are new to the organization, they have lots of questions and oftentimes do not know where to start.  How much guidance you receive varies from one Council to another.

I decided to create this blog to help new leaders and give you the resources you need to have an incredible Girl Scout leader experience!

I started my own personal Girl Scout leader journey when my younger daughter was in kindergarten. I attended our Council's Round-UP and found myself sitting at a table with a few moms from my daughter's kindergarten class, as well as some moms one of the others knew. As we sat around the table, no one wanted to say, "I'll be the leader". 

So I did. I also told them I was not into camping or selling cookies, and they were fine with that as well.

I navigated my first year as a leader using my skills as a classroom teacher and what limited resources were available on the internet at that time. Over time, I created a troop that worked for me. The girls and the parents were happy with the way things were run, so I was fortunate. Although I no longer am the main leader, I am a co-leader to my Cadette troop and love watching these girls grow up before my eyes.

Good luck to you as you begin your time as a Girl Scout leader. 

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