Saturday, July 27, 2019

A Must Have Girl Scout Yearly Planner for the Organized Leader

It's Back to Troop time! Here is a planner that was made just for Girl Scout leaders.

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As a teacher, I used my summer break to refresh and renew myself for the upcoming school least during the month of July. Then August showed up and the new school year was nearing in the horizon. Not only did I need to prepare for my new students, I also used that time to prepare for the upcoming scouting year.

With time on my hands, I would grab the Badge Book (we only did retired Try-Its and Junior Badges) and see what the girls had voted on to do (girl led) and what I needed to purchase so I would not be running around last minute to get things. I had a spiral notebook just for this purpose.

Now there is a brand new Girl Scout Planner just for leaders!

There are two slightly different versions of the planner.

A Must Have Girl Scout Yearly Planner for the Organized Leader

This planner does not have the date on the cover.

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This planner is for the upcoming scout year

These planners are not level specific, so any troop leader from Daisy to Ambasador can use this. Each is 152 pages long and has nineteen different sections. From Dues to Snacks to Attendance to Cookie Season Tracking, this planner has you covered. There are also blank pages for note taking.

I have seen the book and it is FABULOUS! It has large squares on each month for writing notes, much like my personal calendar. It is also like an old fashioned address book, where you write down names, addresses and phone numbers of the girls and the volunteers.

This is a must have book for the leader who likes to stay on top of things. And unlike other kinds of yearly planners, this is made especially for Girl Scout leaders.

You can find yours here and get organized!