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How to Earn the Orange Daisy Girl Scout Petal Responsible for What I Say and Do

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As a Daisy Girl Scout leader, you will need to help the girls earn the orange Daisy petal, "Responsible for What I Say and Do." As they grow from Daisy Scouts to Brownies, to Juniors and beyond, they will need to run certain parts of the meetings, as well as the Pledge of Allegiance, the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law.
The girls will need to have a Kaper chart for different jobs. A chore chart will help the girls be more responsible at home, earning the orange petal. You can also use this craft to earn the yellow petal, "Friendly and Helpful", as they are being helpful, too.

How to Earn the Orange Daisy Girl Scout Petal Responsible for What I Say and Do

A great book to read to earn this Daisy petal.

What Exactly Does Responsibility Mean? 

At the beginning of your meeting, ask the girls what the word "responsibility" means. Ask them what they are responsible for at their Daisy meetings, in their classrooms, and in their homes. Then ask them what happens when jobs don't get done. Think of some scenarios, for example, what if a teacher did not prepare her lessons for the day? What happens if you do not take care of your pet? What happens is no one goes to the grocery store? Tell the girls that they are going to make a chart that lists five chores they will be responsible for at home. 

8 x 11 construction paper, all the same light color, one for each girl (prepped for them-see directions)

Prep Work

On a piece of construction paper, write ________________'s Responsibility Chart. Number from 1-5 and write lines. Leave enough room for the girls to trace her hand. Make a few extra copies of the chart in case one of the girls makes a mistake.

How to Earn the Orange Daisy Girl Scout Petal Responsible for What I Say and Do With a Chore Chart

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Time for the Craft

In pencil, have the girls trace their hand. They can decorate the hand with markers. When they take them home, have their parents talk about what chores they will write in.
At your next Daisy Girl Scout meeting, ask the girls what their chores are and if they are actually doing them!  See if they are really earning the orange Daisy petal or if they need a new lesson in being responsible.
Always have some Daisy Girl Scout coloring pages available to keep the early finishers occupied while the others complete their craft.  This will keep these girls out of trouble so you can hep the others complete the task at hand.

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