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Valentine Day Craft Supplies for an Easy Meeting

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Easy Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Your Girl Scout Meeting

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Cookie season is in full swing and you are probably knee deep in booth sales, walkabouts and other cookie related activities. Why not take a break from Girl Scout cookies and plan a Valentine's Day party with your troop?

With easy to use Valentine's Day craft kits and party supplies, you can plan your meeting in a short amount of time. Here are a few items for your troop to use.

Valentine's day craft kit with 915 craft pieces

Here is a Valentine's Day craft kit from Amazon that contains 915 pieces! Included are :

  • 108 Foam Shapes, 25 Sticky Back Gems
  • 708 Foam Stickers, 72 Pom Poms
  • .17 oz (5 g) Spangles

Use this to create cards, decorate bags, make magnets...the choices are limitless. With so many items, this can easily be used for Mother's Day and Father's Day as well.

If you do not need this many craft items, here is a wonderful Valentine's craft kit for Daisy Girl Scouts that is easy to assemble.

Daisy Girl Scout Valentine's Day craft kit for 12
The craft kit in the picture above comes with enough for 12 girls and includes:

  • Design It Yourself Foam Valentine Craft Kit 
  • 24 foam hearts / 832 foam stickers
  • Hearts (5" - 6") ~ sticker (1/2" - 1 1/4")
  • Stickers include shapes and letters

You can find it on Amazon.
These nesting heart cookie cutters can be used to bake treats as well as be used as tracers for crafts.

I love this set of 6 nesting heart cookie cutters. You can bake cookies at home in heart shapes for the girls to decorate as a gift and craft. You can also bake a pan of brownies and have the girls cut out the heart shape to decorate and wrap up...or just eat it at your meeting!

This 6 piece set is an investment for a small price. The hearts can be used as tracers for crafts over the years, and it can be used for other holidays as well. Find this and other heart shaped cookie and cake decorating items on Amazon.

Red buttons for Valentine's Day craft

How can you use this package of red buttons for a craft? Cut out a heart shape onto cardstock of cardboard. Have the girls write a message on the inside and glue the buttons on the perimeter of the heart. The girls can write something like "I love you sew much!"

You do not have to overthink the Valentine's Day holiday. Just get some fun crafts together, some candy treats, and enjoy!

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