Thursday, October 15, 2015

Last Minute Founder's Day Ideas 2015

Girl Scout Founder's Day 2015 is around the corner, and for leaders both old and new, it might have just snuck up on them. Here are some quick ideas for you to do with your troop during the next two weeks.

Photo credit: By Edward Hughes (1832-1908), painter. (Daderot (I took this photograph)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
1. Make Cards for the Military
Younger Girl Scouts need to be taught that one of the missions of the movement is to do service for others. Making cards to be sent overseas to the military is one thing that is easy to do. Since it takes a while to get there, make Thanksgiving cards using stickers, feathers, and hand prints. Talk to the girls about why they are doing this and why we should be thankful to these men and women. Add some hard candy to them and send!
2. Make Halloween Crafts to Give to Senior Citizens
Many people in senior citizen homes get few visitors and even less mail. Why not make cards or cute, inexpensive crafts to deliver to one of your local centers? And if it is too late to do arrange a field trip, just make the cards and relier them yourself.
This is an idea that started with a troop a few years ago and is one that I have done with mine. Have each girl bring in cake mix and tub frosting. Troop funds can purchase pretty napkins, a horn blower, and white bags from the craft store to decorate. Donate to a local food bank.
Juliette Gordon Low would be proud to see all the good work that goes on to celebrate her birthday this year, Girl Scout Founder's Day 2015.

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