Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quick and Easy Father's Day Crafts

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If you are still meeting into the month of June, then you are going to want to a craft that celebrates and honors Father's Day.

Why get frazzled looking for a quick and easy Father's Day craft when you can order any one of these kits and consider yourself done! With cookie profits in your account, there is no need for you to end the year scurrying to the craft store to find things you need for the last craft of the season,

The following items are from Oriental Trading, a site where I have personally purchased many craft kits when I was a room mom and when my Girl Scout troop was younger. Unless otherwise noted, each craft comes in a set of 12 and each kit comes individually packaged for each child.

Easy Father's Day craft for Daisy Scouts

Fabulous Foam Stand-Up Tool Chest Frames

Father's Day card craft for Daisy Scouts

Super Dad Father’s Day Sticker Cards

Easy Girl Scout Father's Day craft

Color Your Own Dad Artist Travel Mugs

Set comes with 6 mugs

Magic Color Scratch “Dad” Ornaments 

Set comes With 24

What are you doing with your girls for Father's Day?

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