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Daisy Girl Scout Meeting Ideas January to May

Happy New Year! It is time to get back into your Daisy Girl Scout leader mode after spending a week or more off from school with your kids. You are now ready to begin your journey through the second half of your first Daisy Girl Scout year. These meeting ideas will get you through to May, when many troops stop meeting for the summer.
Just like the first eight Daisy leader meetings, you can do most of these activities in any order you wish. If you live in a cold area, you may have to adjust your schedule for snow days, as when school is closed you won't be meeting. Be sure to remember to plan it out with you co-leader and share the responsibilities of planning your meetings. Get everything you plan to do in writing, send her an email with what you both agreed to set out an accomplish, and tackle each meeting together.

Daisy Girl Scout Meeting Plans from January to December-every meeting laid out for leaders with everything you need to make them successful.

Sales Alert!

Look for after holiday sales for savings on craft materials for the rest of the year. Remember to bring your troop checkbook and your Tax Exempt ID paper.

Your Ninth Daisy Girl Scout Meeting-Earn the Orange Daisy Petal Responsible for What I Say and Do

Many adults make New Year's resolutions at the beginning of the year. You can tie in this idea with earning the orange Daisy petal and being responsible for your own actions. Talk to the girls about what it means to be responsible.
Ask them if they have any responibilities to do at home, like make their bed or clean up after dinner. You can read a book about being responsible at this point or just jump right into the activity.Tell your girls that Daisy Girl Scouts need to be responsible for bringing their books and vests to each troop meeting. Being organizedis being responsible, so they are going to make their own Daisy Girl Scout tote bag and keep all things Girl Scout related in that bag;. They will be responsible for bringing the bag to every meeting from now on.

Earn the Orange Daisy Petal with These Craft Items

Here is everything you need for your girls to make their own "responsibility bags". The great thing about this craft is that the girls will use their bags for years to come. The Sharpies and fabric markers are an investment, because if they are stored properly, they can also be used for many years for all kinds of crafts and community service projects.Foam flower shapes can be used for all kinds of projects, too. Cards, making gift bags, and puppets are just a few uses for them.

Daisy Girl Scout meeting ideas earn the orange petal 
Daisy Girl Scout meeting ideas earn the orange petal 

Field Trip

If you live in a cold climate with heavy snowfall, it may be wise not to plan any field trips until spring. That way you do not spend a lot of time planning an activity that has to be cancelled due to inclement weather. You don't want to disappoint the girls!

Your Tenth Daisy Girl Scout Meeting-Earn the Yellow Daisy Petal Friendly and Helpful

Being friendly and helpful ties in nicely with being responsible. For this activity, the girls are going to create "helpful" slips to leave around the house. Complete directions for earning the yellow Daisy petal can be found in this article.
If you know of an older Brownie or Junior troop who wants to be friendly and helpful, ask them to come to a meeting and help the girls make bracelets or some other cool project. This promotes sisterhood among the different Girl Scout levels. The older girls also serve as role models to the younger girls.
Daisy Girl Scout meeting ideas earn the yellow petal 

Selling Cookies

If your Daisy troop is selling Girl Scout cookies, you will need to plan a meeting or two around that. Girls earn badges for cookie sales!

Your Eleventh Daisy Girl Scout Meeting-Earn the Light Blue Daisy Petal Honest and Fair

In February, we celebrate the birthday of two of our greatest presidents, Washington and Lincoln. Both have stories that tie in with being honest. There is the tale about George chopping down the cherry tree and how he could not tell a lie when asked if he did it. And of course, there is "Honest Abe" Lincoln!
Discuss with your girls why it is important to be honest and not lie, and how they feel if someone has not been truthful to them. Following the discussion, you can do with activities with fair and unfair spinners or unequal amounts of candy to drive the point across.

Make Contact

If you are following this guide, this would be the time to make contact with an organization that needs assistance so you are prepared for the March community service project.

Your Twelfth Daisy Girl Scout Meeting-World Thinking Day Activities 

Girl Scout World Thinking Day activities
Photo from

Celebrate this special Girl Scout holiday!

Every year on February 22nd, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world honor each other and the sisterhood of Girl Scouting with World Thinking Day. Each year World Thinking Day has a theme, and according to the Girl Scouts of America website, the year 2015 is dedicated to ending poverty.
World Thinking Day used to be a patch earned and placed on the back of the vest. It is now an official Girl Scout award that Daisy Girl Scouts can earn! You can earn the award one of two ways.There are a list of activities just for Daisies at the Girl Scouts of America website. Just follow those to earn the award.If you want to do something else, you can pick a country and do hands on activities for it. For example, let's say you want to study Japan. You can:
1. Make passports for Japan. This passport, and those for other countries can be found at the Making Friends website.
2. Do a Japanese craft like origami.
3. Bring in a Japanese dessert for the girls to eat with chopsticks
4. Make a Girl Scout Swap that ties into that country.

Your Thirteenth Meeting-Earn the Spring Green Daisy Petal Considerate and Caring

Daisy Girl Scout meeting ideas to earn the spring green petal
Photo by Hannah Gold

Like the yellow Daisy petal, this one revolves around being empathetic towards others. When I was a Daisy Scout leader, my girls decorated shoe boxes and filled them with items for little girls who lived in a homeless shelter. The directions for this activity can be found in this blog post on how to earn the spring green daisy petal considerate and caring and on this one as well.

Your Fourteenth Daisy Meeting

Field Trip!

With the weather becoming milder, now is the perfect time to go on a field trip. There are many places that your girls can go to for free or fro a small fee. Be sure to get all of your paperwork done in advance and that all of the proper coursework has been done.
Trip approvers need at least two weeks advanced notice to get your outing nice and give them four. Remember, safety first! Safety guidelines and instructions for all kinds of field trips can be found at your local council website under Safety Checkpoints.

Your Fifteenth Meeting-Earn the Rose Daisy Petal Make the World a Better Place

Spring is here! With Earth Day being celebrated on April 22nd, this is the perfect time for this activity. Anything that has to do with recycling will be perfect to earn this petal.The book Miss Rumphius is one of the best to share with your girls while earning this petal.

Just One Meeting

Because of Spring Break, my troop has always met only once during the month of April.  If you find this happening to you and you want another meeting, schedule a field trip for the girls or have an informal meeting at a local park or playground.

Your Sixteenth Daisy Meeting-Earn the Purple Daisy Petal Respect Myself and Others

Respect is important no matter what age you are. The girls need to respect each other and get along, and they need to respect your co-leader and you and the time you put into each and every meeting.And most importantly, they need to like themselves.The Jamie Lee Curtis book entitled I'm Gonna Like Me is the best book to start the meeting.

earn the purple Daisy petal meeting idea
Book from Amazon

Your Final Daisy Meeting of the Year

Party Time!

You made it...the final Daisy Girl Scout meeting of the year! Since you have already earned all of your Daisy petals, it's time to celebrate. Look how far your girls and you have come since September.If you are planning a party, make sure to contact the parents in advance to bring in items and ask for a few volunteers to stay. The girls will be excited and extra coverage is always needed at times like these.
Daisy Girl Scout party ideas

Caspari Daisy Paper Salad/Dessert Plates, Pack of 8

Plan a fun Daisy craft that is simple to make and present the girls with a certificate of completion. They aren't bridging, but finishing the first year of Girl Scouts is an exciting milestone for them. Once the party is over, sit back, relax and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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