Monday, January 12, 2015

Activities for World Thinking Day 2015

While you are knee deep in cookies and petals right now, one of the three major Girl Scout holidays is right around the corner and you need to start planning now for your February meeting!

What is World Thinking Day?

World Thinking Day is celebrated every year on February 22nd. Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world do activities from other countries to celebrate their sisterhood in scouting. Of course, if your meeting is not held on the exact day, you can still celebrate!  Plan you festivities on the meeting day closest to the date.

Girl Scout World Thinking Da
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Each year a different theme is selected.  For World Thinking Day 2015, the theme is "We can create peace through partnerships."

Girls can easily understand the concept of helping others and cooperation.  Any child who has played on a team knows the importance of getting along and working together for a common goal.

Since you are leading young children, it can be a really simple thing for you to plan.  You can pick one country and have the girls look at pictures or girls from those countries dressed in their uniform (you can search for these on the internet).

You can then ask the girls what they know about this country.

More fun can involve:

Playing games from this country
Eating foods from this country
Doing a craft or a Girl Scout Swap from this country

No need to worry about where to find all these things!  Here is a list of resources for you from my other Girl Scout blog!

World Thinking Day Games

World Thinking Day Resources

World Thinking Day Passports

Activities for Daisies from the GSA website

What are you planning to do for World Thinking Day 2015?

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