Monday, October 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Crafts and Craft Kits for Daisy Scouts

It may only be October, but it is not too soon to be thinking about the meetings surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday. If you have not earned the following petals, you can easily earn them with an easy Thanksgiving craft and donate what you have done to a senior center or another local organization who could use the crafts to decorate their holiday table.

Yellow-Friendly and Helpful
Spring Green-Considerate and Caring
Green-Use Resources Wisely (if using recycled products)
Rose-Make the World a Better Place

For those of you feeling extra crafty, here is my Pinterest board full of Thanksgiving activities and crafts for kids. Find some ideas, collect your materials and have fun!

If you are busy and do not want to make a craft from scratch, there are plenty of ready made craft kits available.  While ordering, you may want to find some winter craft items as well and do all of your shopping at once.

Here are some adorable craft kits for Thanksgiving!

Girl Scout Thanksgiving craft kits

Girl Scout Thanksgiving craft kits 

Thanksgiving craft kits

Thanksgiving craft kits 

Thanksgiving craft kits for kids 

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