Thursday, October 23, 2014

Setting the Tone for the Year and for the Future

As a new Daisy leader, you have a lot to learn. There are all of the GSA rules and regulations that you must follow and if you are unfamiliar with managing a large group of children, then this is a skill you will need to develop on the job.

But one thing you must remember is what you do now and what behaviors you accept will set the tone for the rest of your leadership years. 

This is a learning curve, and the faster you learn, the easier it will be for you to lead a troop.

Guidelines for starting your Daisy Troop on the right foot

For example, what is your policy on tagalongs?  What you accept this year will be hard to undo for next year.  

What about parents talking at your meetings?  You need to send a clear message that conversations should be taking place outside so your meeting is not interrupted.

How do you arrange carpools for Girl Scout trips?  

What is your policy for parents who continually pick their daughters up late and forget that you have a life and are not a free babysitting service?

With your co-leader, you need to discuss these topics and create a united front. As I always like to emphasize, you are a volunteer and your time is just as valuable as the anyone else's.  Parents need to respect your boundaries, but they can only do that if you create them.

If you are uncomfortable with something, speak up NOW and do not wait until your girls are Brownies to pop your cork.  It will come as a great shock to parents who think that everything is fine.

Remember that you are in charge because you chose to lead the troop. Establish your guidelines now so that down the road, you will enjoy each meeting and not dread it.

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