Thursday, September 4, 2014

Daisy Girl Scout Craft Supplies

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One of the many decisions you will make as a Daisy leader is who is in charge of the craft supplies.  Should you schlep them back and forth to each meeting or should each girl bring in her own pencil box filled with the items they will be using each week?

What you decide to do depends on the area where you live.  Will asking parents to supply the girls with markers, glue and scissors be an added expense they cannot handle or is it no big deal from a financial standpoint?

Will the girls be able to remember to bring their pencil box to each meeting?

Some leaders buy supplies for the first year from dues that have been collected or from their own pocket. Should you pay for things out of pocket and get reimbursed or eat the expense?  Can you afford to do that?  

When I started my troop, we met in the art room in the elementary school and had access to markers, scissors and glue.  We were always very careful about using them and putting them back, as these were the supplies my girls actually used during their art period.  

Other craft items were purchased with the $25 in dues I collected from the six girls.

This worked for us for six years.  While my older daughter had to bring her own supplies when she was involved with scouting, my younger daughter did not have to do this.

What does your troop do about craft supplies?


  1. This was the first year for our troop so I provided about 95% of the craft supplies. Being a Sunday School teacher I had an ample stockpile of supplies. I stock up after back to school items go on clearance.

  2. I have done that as well. I even found great craft supplies at yard sales.