Monday, April 21, 2014

How to Earn the Spring Green Daisy Petal-Considerate and Caring and Do a Mother's Day Craft

how to earn the spring green Daisy petal

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and who is more considerate and caring than a mom?  Here is an opportunity for you to earn a petal and get an important holiday project completed.  

Before launching into any craft, have a brief discussion with the girls about what it means to be considerate and caring.  Have them give examples of how their mothers act that way towards them.

Then ask them how they can do the same for their moms.  One way is to make a special craft/gift and card that is just for her.

You may want to break this meeting into stations and ask for additional volunteers.  One station is for making the card, one is for doing the craft, and the other is for wrapping the gift.  That way you can focus in one on activity and keep the girls in small, more manageable groups.

Before your meeting, make a test craft to iron out the kinks and to see how long it might take the girls to make it.  Keep it simple and doable so that the girls are enjoying themselves and are not easily frustrated.

Also, make sure that you gather the materials and place them all in one bag before your meeting.  

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Let us know what ideas worked for you!

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