Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring is Around the Corner-Time to Plan an Outdoor Field Trip!

Hopefully, the weather in your area is turning warmer if you are in a cold winter climate like I am.  With visions of being outdoors dancing in my head, it was always time to plan a spring field trip!

Your troop bank account probably does not have a ton of cash in it, but that does not mean you cannot go anywhere-there is plenty that you can do for free!

Daisy Girl Scout field trips
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Do you have a nature or hiking trail nearby? That costs nothing!

Is there an awesome local playground where the girls can play and have a picnic?

Is there a track at a local school or a soccer field where the girls can work on their "Respect Myself and Others" petal by exercising and doing healthy activities?

Is there an outdoor clean-up effort where your girls can help?

Can you go to the fire station and get a tour outside and go inside the trucks?

Together with your co-leader,pick a date and start getting those permission slips and field trip approval number ready!

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