Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Time to Start Planning Girl Scout Week 2014!

Photo created by my daughter.  No copying permitted.

The second official Girl Scout holiday is fast approaching, and a leader who is organized will start planning for it in advance so it does not go by unnoticed.

Although the official start date varies year to year, Girl Scout Week always falls sometime during March 12th.  

Why is that?

Because March 12th is the anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts of America.  Juliette Gordon Low planted the roots on this day in 1912, and so it is an important date for all levels of scouts.

The celebration does not have to be big for Daisy Scouts, but it should be recognized.  It is an opportunity to earn a fun patch for the back of the vest, as well as do a service project.

In this article, I have listed a ton of resources for leaders of all levels to use. Daisy Scouts can do the chart of activities or a simple project to mark the anniversary of this wonderful organization.

How do you plan on celebrating Girl Scout Week?

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